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Hi everyone!

NHL playoffs have begun — so exciting! Nikki has done such a great job keeping everyone up to date on scores and photos. This place is looking alive again.

I’m going to post some Texas Stars stuff here. While most of you probably don’t follow the Texas Stars, I’ll hopefully have some fun pics and video of life in the AHL that are somewhat interesting. Hopefully.

Last Saturday was our last regular season game. Luckily we made it back into the Calder Cup playoffs this year, and they start tomorrow night. But last Saturday wasn’t just the last game, it was also Fan Appreciation Night.

I made “hockey pucks” with Dingdongs and icing for my Ice Patrol squad’s last game.

Not half bad, if I do say so myself. Too bad half of them were on a diet. Oh well, more for me.

We gave stuff away:

These weren’t bad.


These were. What the heck are they? Baby onesie? Lobster bin? Car chamois? Everyone was confused.

Turns out they are rally towels. Yeah.  I’m just gonna leave that there for you to figure out.

A lot more things were given away during the game. Lottery tickets, tshirts, merchandise, sponsored gifts. The free massage was one I wouldn’t have minded winning. Darn ineligibility. 

We run around like crazy during the games. One place to grab a second of peace is here:  I’m gonna call this segment the “Hanging out in the Zamboni tunnel.”  Because I do.  Expect more of these. This is the thrilling journalism you expect here at the 5 Hole. Enjoy. 

Those weird towels must have been somewhat lucky, because we won our last game, against the West Division champs the San Antonio Rampage.  
Sweaty boy group hug! Awww. 

 Throwing out shirts to the fans after the game. Always a lot of fun. 

Here’s some video:

Ok, so no video.  WP won’t let me upload .mov files from my phone, and I can’t remember our YouTube info, so Nikki will have to help me figure this out, lol.  As soon as I do I’ll edit this post and include the video here.

Technical issues aside, this Friday and Saturday our first round of playoffs to Defend the Calder Cup begin.  I’ll post something for y’all on Sunday.  LET’S GO STARS!


It seems like this has turned into a birthday blog, not a hockey blog. And for the few of you out there still reading this, I apologize.  Between Calder Cup playoffs that I am working, to Stanley Cup playoffs that I am watching, and that weird thing called “Real Life,” the posts have fallen behind.  I keep promising that will change in the off-season, and maybe this year I will keep that promise.


That all being said, let’s get on to the real reason for this post — the bestus hockey blog partner, Miz Nikki, has a birthday today!

Giftcard-birthday-boy copy

Brad was all excited.

brad-richards birthday wish

*ahem*   That’s the BEST. PRESENT. EVER.


Hope you have a great next year of life, my friend!

Hey, long time no see, eh guys?  Well, you know I’d be back for March 2, even if I’m getting here under the wire. So….

Happy birthday, Henrik (and Joel)!  32 never looked so good!


photo credit: Getty

Thought I’d throw a little Swedish Olympic hotness in there.  You’re welcome.  Hank looks happy too:


photo credit: Reuters

Speaking of relief, Hank has a new Advil commercial!  You know, for those morning-after-birthday hangovers.

Only link I could find is Advil FB page. Click here to watch it!

Even a badass rhino is no match for the King.  Animals got nothin’ on him.


Celebrate like the Beast you are, Hank!!

We love ya!! Here’s to the next sexy 32!



I can’t even……*thud*

(see the original on the Animal Rescue League page, link below. Check out their other pictures from the October shoot for their 2014 Penguins & Paws calendar, while Nikki is trying to revive me..)

Tanger with Kit-teh

It’s been a long-standing joke between Nikki and I that my San Jose Sharks are not, er, the prettiest of teams.  That title unequivocally belongs to our mutual team, the NY Rangers.  Then in the pecking order of things around here, her TB Lighting were next, and my Sharks were a distant third.  Distant.  Of course I loved them anyway, but a gal can dream of a cuter tomorrow, right?  Well, tomorrow may be here!  The latest 20 questions on the Daily Chomp showcase a plethora of cuteness.  Still not in the Rangers’ league, but I just had to share, I was so tickled.  Click on the link and enjoy!

Wow, another year has gone by, and the boys and I are back to wish the best blog partner a very happy birthday.  Gentlemen?



Aww, they got dressed up and everything.  And I couldn’t have said it better myself — Happy Birthday, my friend! Here’s to another year of fun times together, and of course, hockey! *mwah*



Evening, Everyone!


You know, I’m so glad you guys stick around.  I haven’t done much this year, and Sexy Saturday has been hit-and-miss at best this season. Looking over our last couple of posts, you’d think this has turned into a Birthday Blog.  Seems like there’s a game to watch every day, and between watching NHL on tv and our AHL team in person, blogging time has been scarce.


And yet, you’ve stuck around.  Thanks. I mean that.  It makes the place so much more cozy if it’s not just me here.


We’ve “met” some really awesome people through the blog or our Twitter account.  Fans from all over, from all teams.  Rangers fans (ourselves included) in particular are a passionate bunch.  They’ve welcomed us with open arms, and one in particular — “@wishinonehand” on Twitter” — has gone above and beyond by sending us a Stanley Cup Playoff care package:

Rangers package


What was inside?




Gaaaaahhh!!! I am beside myself with happiness.  These will be spun madly about our heads from the next game on.  It’s great to have a piece of MSG here, and even more great to have Brenda send them to us.  We also have these to play with:

Ranger rubber bands

Ranger rubber bands.  Let “Operation: Annoy My Cat” begin.


At any rate, just wanted to thank @wishinonehand again (give her a follow on Twitter if you are a Rangers fan), and to also thank all our readers for sticking in there with us.  This summer we will have more time to do more blogging, and I have some cool stuff (including some photos from Brenda from the Rangers Dog Walk last year) that I have saved to share.


Cheerio for now.  Oh, one last thing:

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey! Let’s Go Rangers!