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Hi All!
Well, the Olympics are over, and I must say, London did a smashing job.  I enjoyed every minute, even though there was no hockey. And if you say, “There was Field Hockey,” I’ll say, “Child, please.”  That is not hockey.  It is soccer played with mini sticks.

At any rate, I’ve been saving bits and bobs I’ve collected over the summer of our favorite Sexy Saturday guys, and since there is all this depressing talk of strikes, and collective bargaining, revenue sharing, and those ass-hats Bettman and Fehr fighting over our sport like dogs on a meaty bone, I thought it was time to bring some Sexy Back.

I must say I am a bit bummed at the slim pickings this year, as far as getting half-naked beach photos of Letang or Hank or the like, but then again, there was BRAD RICHARDS FULLY NAKED, y’all.  I can’t be too greedy.

photo credit:

Brad in this year’s issue of ESPN The Magazine‘s Body Issue

Oh Holy Jeezuz.  I think I love you, ESPN.  Despite your shitty hockey coverage. I know Nikki does….

And we have video!

Excuse me, I think I need a moment.  *ahem* Okay, back now. It seems to me from this video, there were better poses of Brad they had to choose from. I’m not crazy about how his face looks in the above photo. But let’s be honest, is anyone really looking at his face?

Now that we’re on Brad, let’s just have him kick off the summer photo parade:

Brad is getting his own episode of Beginnings on MSG Networks this year!

Brad with Brandon Prust earlier in the summer before the trade. We’ll miss you in NYC, Prusty, but will look for you with fellow S.S. alumni Carey Price in Montreal!

He says he’s learning to play guitar. If he and Hank have a band, I will be a psychotic groupie, I’m just warning you now.

Not to be outdone, Henrik Lundqvist also had some summer tunes being played:

Just chillin’ outside.  Wowzer.  My phone has a new wallpaper.

Here’s what else Hank was up to:

With Garden of Dreams kids and his Gold Medal.

Watching Jeff Gordon NASCAR. In Chucks.

Hank became a daddy!! Thank goodness he’s passing on those genes.

Posing with Boyler at an Esquire shoot.

And we’ve got video! Click on the link:

Hank interview on Blueshirts United

There is a part one and two, so make sure to watch both.

Okay, since we had Brian Boyle in Henrik’s pic, let’s catch up with him:

Inigo Montoya at the beach. Sorry ladies, but who wears heels to the beach? Really??

Backyard baseball, shirtless. Yes, please! Lovely musculature, but man, that’s a whole lotta hair under that cap!

Speaking of hair, what is Kris Letang up to? Other than waiting to be a daddy…

At Flower’s wedding. Kris wins the “worst summer haircut” award.
Really, this was the best photo of the bunch, the others were much worse. I’m not sure how this travesty happened, but it needs to be covered up with a hat or helmet. Pronto.

Yay, a hat!! Thanks to Max Talbot for having a charity street hockey event, so we could see some Letang skin and muscles.

Here is Marc-Andre Fleury and his bride Veronique, in case anyone wanted to see them. Lots of photos over at

And we’ve got Tanger video!  I have no idea what he’s saying most of the time, but I just love hearing him talk:

Kris talks about Pens controlling their emotions – en Franscais

So hey James Neal was at that wedding too.  Let’s look in on him:

“I love my purple and plaid.”
(Sorry the photo is so narrow, I had to crop out Crosby. It would have ruined my blog.)

Nealer at some other wedding — Staal’s maybe? Not sure…

Nealer at  hotel with fans. Yumm-o!!

Now I feel like some Carey Price.  Come on down to the Price is Right!

Carey just turned 25 on August 16th! Happy birthday, Carey!

Pricey does rodeos during the summer. In this case I’d love to save a horse, ride a cowboy…..

Carey is now a spokesman for Under Armour.


And we have video!  (Tyler Seguin fans will love this too.)

Whew, I think I need a shower to cool down after all this, and I’m not even done yet people!  This has got to be the sexiest blog post yet — they’re all here at once. My computer may explode.

More Sexy Saturday alumni:

Dan Girardi playing goalie for his son Landon in the upcoming Beginnings episode. Awwww!

Carl Hagelin on a boat in Sweden with his dad.


Jaromír Jágr is now a Dallas Star. Yay, I can finally see him play!

Vincent Lecavalier at a charity event this summer. Oh, to be a lightning bug.

I couldn’t find any other summer photos for the remaining Sexy Saturday boys, but I’ve got some summer photos of future ones!

Ryan McDonagh shooting his episode of Beginnings. Can’t wait for these new shows to air!

Michael Del Zotto fishing in Canada. And all I can see is the front of his shorts. Is that the bait he’s using? Consider us caught!

Goofy MDZ at Batman 3D.

Ruslan Fedotenko also at Flower’s wedding. So sad he’s not a Ranger anymore, but Flyers fans should be happy.

Gabriel Landeskog at a charity event. Sweden in the summer must be a magical place.

Viktor Stalberg in a boat. Swede, boat, summer. I feel like I’ve said this before……and it is a recipe for SEXY.

And last but not least, this photo of a sexy beast was sent to me by the lovely Connie (@cjribhill) who, though she is a Florida fan, we love anyway:

“this is my boy Nash “Noodles” (after Rick & McClennen) lol We now have a LOT more in common!”

Welcome to the blog, Noodles, you may be our new mascot. And welcome to the Rangers, Rick Nash.  You may be a future Sexy Saturday.


SUNDAY EDIT: Just found some Stamkos for you guys:

Steven Stamkos and Claude Giroux during off time from the Bauer Pro Camp. Let’s hope neither one puked their guts out — that looks like a scary ride.

With some future Markham hockey stars.

Anyone I missed that you guys want me to investigate?  Please comment below.  Any pics you found you want to share? Drop us an email at  As always, we aim to please.

Now, go put a cold compress on your eyes — they need a rest after this post.

Happy Sunday, folks!

Okay, I know it is supposed to be a Saturday post, but I may or may not have gotten slightly tipsy at a party last night, and, er, yeah.  It became a late Sunday post. Sorry. (ow, my head)

At any rate, the first Summer Saturday Kaption Kontest was a bit of a mixed bag.  My site lurkers didn’t really turn up, but I have hope that you just need a little more time/coaxing, and will pop up with hilarious entries for this coming week.  But on the other hand, after a plea on Twitter, some lovely folks turned up and posted some HILARIOUS ideas.  Really, even though there were only four, it was so hard for me to chose.  Even Nikki and I were divided. I wanted to just caption them all, but in the interest of fairness, I did settle on one.  Just know that I loved them all, and they really did make me laugh out loud, and that’s really the selfish point in all this anyway.

So without further ado, this week’s winner is the PUN-tastic MDZ4EVAA :

I hope you’ll forgive me, MDZ4EVAA, because I “Lolcat-i-fied” the verbage a little.  But your caption was so clever, and Nikki and I really appreciated that, so Congrats!!  You are the inaugural winner!

And thank you ALL for your entries.

I found some more inspiration for y’all…


Now get your funny cap on, here is this week’s photo, courtesy of Captain Cally and the Rangers:

Good luck!! Get busy!


Hi everyone, thanks for stopping on by.  We’ve got a new Saturday thing to get us through the summer, until Sexy Saturday can return.  All you lurkers out there need to de-cloak and join in, because this will only work if people participate. We’ll see how it goes on this trial run.  So get your funny on and get ready for our…..



What I am going to do is post a hockey photo, and you all supply the caption. Easy-peasy.  You just reply in the comments section.  You have until Friday at 4pm CST.  The one that makes me laugh the most will get their caption printed on the photo, which I will re-post the next Saturday, and their name will be up in lights.  Or at least up on the blog. Unless you want to remain nameless.  In which case you can email me here, and I will use your caption but keep your name out of it.  But really, you could be WORLD FAMOUS, so why wouldn’t you want your name on the blog?

Just please keep it clean.  You can be risqué, but don’t be crude. I will zap you.  And please have fun. Don’t be afraid to just float something out there.

You may be wondering about the spelling of the contest.  If you are familiar with LOLCat, you will understand. If not, this website will help:


It is basically a phonetic spelling, with the word order reversed, as it is in many languages other than English. Here are some examples from hockey pictures to inspire you:


But it doesn’t have to be in LOLSpeak (though those CRACK ME UP). They can just be funny captions:


There you have it, your inspiration.  I’m still laughing over these.  People are brilliant.  But no one is more brilliant than our readers. So go ahead and impress me. Here is your muse, courtesy of Carey Price and James Neal:



Remember when I posted this?

Yeah, so that is still happening.  This week, I’ve been watching multiple games every night, Tweeting, reading Twitter, reading all the apps and blogs and articles and predictions, and watching pre-post-off day videos……gah!!  I would say it is too much, but I WUVS ITS!  Tonight I’m having the girls (Nikki and our friend Maki, and no, we don’t all belong to a club where our names rhyme, but it is kinda cool) over for food and the Rangers and Sharks games. I am frantically cleaning while I watch game previews.  And I was trying like mad to get this week’s Sexy Saturday done.  I was rushing, and then it occurred to me I didn’t want to rush, because this man deserves to be savored.  I’ve got some good stuff too, and I want to do it justice.  But I’ve simply run out of time today.  So I humbly beg you, my few but awesome and amazing readers, to forgive me for postponing Sexy Saturday until tomorrow.  I won’t change the name (really, is there anything sexy about Sundays?) but it will fall on that day. I was so late last week, I didn’t post until after midnight, so I guess I’m making a habit of this.  Again, my apologies.  But we WILL be up tomorrow, early.

In the mean time, I will try to leave you happy, with Carey Price and his bobblehead:

Canadiiens on Carey’s bobblehead (link to video)

Get ready for more Goalie love…..’cause it’s….

This week’s choice is back to me. I’ve had a few requests via Facebook from some lovely ladies, and I will get to them, I swear, but Nikki and I have a few we need to get out of our systems first, so bear with us.

Which brings me back to my guy.  Now, if you follow the blog, you’ll know I’ve already given some megabytes to this goalie (sorry for another goalie, but I love those guys!), so this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. And since he plays for Montreal, I’ll get the translator to say….mon choix pour cette semaine est monsieur…..



Vitals: Born August 16, 1987, Anahim Lake, BC, Canada. 6’3″, 221lbs. Single, as far as I know.

Nickname(s): Jesus Price, Price is Right, Pricey.

Current team: Montreal Canadiens. Goaltender. Catches left.

Fancy awards: 2007 World Junior Championships (Canada) Gold.  2007, CHL Goaltender of the Year Award, & the Jack A. Butterfield Trophy (Calder Cup MVP) in CHL.  2008 NHL All-Rookie Team.  NHL All-Star 2009, 2011, 2012.

Cool trivia: His father, Jerry Price, was also a goaltender; he was drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers in the eighth round, 126th overall in the 1978 NHL Amateur Draft. His mother, Lynda, is the former chief of the Ulkatcho First Nation.  Phoenix Coyotes’ captain Shane Doan and Keaton Ellerby of the Florida Panthers are second cousins of his. Carey was named as an honorary co-chair at the 2010 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships that were held in Ottawa, Ontario in May 2010. According to The Hockey News, “In warmer months, Price bops around his home province on the British Columbia Rodeo Association circuit taking part in the team roping event with his buddy Wade McNolty.”

Carey really has three personalities: the Sexy Hockey player, the Cowboy, and my favorite, the Funny Dork.  So I thought I’d break up the post into those three categories.

The Sexy Hockey Player

Let’s start out with some video, shall we?

Harry Rosen . Carey Price from Spot Cinema on Vimeo.

If that hasn’t gotten your knickers in a twist, I don’t know what will. And that belt buckle makes an appearance here later, don’t you worry.

Enrique Iglesias has nothing on me...

Real men wear purple and paisley. And dimples

2012 All-Star Game, Team Chara. Dimples return!

How you doin'?

Game face

The Cowboy

Hold on to your ovaries, ladies! That's Cute Baby Carey Cowboy!

Hold on to your panties, ladies! That's Cute Grown-up Carey Cowboy!

As promised, the Buckle returns

Close-up to show detail of The Buckle. Not his crotch. No really.

The Funny Dork

Who could forget my “Pretty sexy Oreo cookie?”

Best "dork face" evah!

Yay, more video! Here he pranks reporters:

Hockey gear doesn't smell. No really

A Canadiens Halloween party. Carey is third from the left. THE THIGHS, people. THE THIGHS!

….I hope all of  that IS ENOUGH for you people, because I’m exhausted ;D

I shall leave you with a video of Carey being funny, and awesome, and sexy at the 2012 All-Star Game, and say to you all , “Au revoir, jusqu’à la semaine prochaine, mes amis très sexy!”

(I don’t know how Lundqvist manages to get in on everyone else’s Sexy Saturday, but he is in this video right after Carey.  Just sayin’. If you want to keep watching. For more sexy goalie.)