Fallon strikes again. 

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Tonight Show video link



Game 1

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Amazing goal to start the Stanley Cup Final!  


 Scary moment, ended up with a penalty and some stitches. 

  Hi brad. 

  And then Tampa decided that the 3rd period was over and let Chicago score 2 goals in under 2 minutes to win the game… Huge energy to start the game and then they ran out of gas at the tail end. However they did protect that empty net. 
Game 2 Saturday on NBC. 


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We wish him the best of luck and a speedy recovery. 

Night 46

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Vicky and I watched together to renew our friendship and the blog! Poor Brad and that wide open net… 



Night 45

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  I don’t know how to emotionally handle this. The handshake line was full of friends for both sides. 


The series was taken to game 7 because of their talent. Henrik deserves to win the cup and I cannot wait to watch him do it one day. 

  Saw this online, if it’s true THAT is a captain and a true hockey player. 

Tonight we see who takes the western conference. 

Night 43&44

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     This bottom caption made me giggle. 
No games tonight. Game 7’s start tomorrow. This is gonna be a crazyyyy weekend. 

Night 41&42

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