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Above is the link for todays ruling on the hit to Brad Richards from Sundays game.


I am completely outraged that a “player” like this is allowed to continue to play in the NHL. He has been suspended for “ramming head into face of an opponent” TWICE and several incidents of boarding,

Player safety is a hot topic and Shanahan is “bringing down the hammer” so why not make a point and don’t just fine players who look to cause injury and remove them for a season after a repeat offense, the third is career ending.’


That would send the message that this bullshit is not tolerated.


It’s been 3 days and these are just a few of the things we have had happen.

Vinny played his 1000th game today.
Stamkos scored his first goal today.

New York:
Richards scored the first goal of the season.
Nash scored a short handed goal.
Hankie was pulled in the middle of a game.

San Jose:


Well this is going to be interesting.

Game on.




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courtesy 92.5 JOE FM, Edmonton, Alberta

Hi Everyone,
Sorry, haven’t posted in ages. This “not having a season” thing is making me depressed.  Went to an AHL game the other night, though, and had a blast. Reminded me what I love about hockey — the excitement of the game, for the game’s sake, without some (not all, obviously) of the nastiness of money/business clouding the issue.  Nikki is going to post something on the blog soon about the latest on the lockout (edit: hey, look at that, she updated the same time I did, GMTA), but I thought I’d slip this video in just to make us all laugh a bit first.  Enjoy!

Very exciting to hear about progress being made on this lock out. However my last post on the lockout was almost a month ago. I think that says a lot about what the driving factor of this lockout was and who doesn’t matter. I truly hope that was are able to start the season on November 2nd. The fans will not survive a half season, the league will not survive a half season. The fans deserve more than that. The employees who have been laid off during the lockout deserve more than anyone. Where is the compensation for them, for their families?

The deal has me asking a few questions. Most of which are starting to be answered at the night goes on. What is the total salary lost by the 50/50 split? What will that do to team building during the off season and how will that change the way teams work with expensive veterans who bring knowledge, leadership and skill to the organizations? With the 50/50 split what will the NHLPA have to give up as a counter? What is the fine print that has not been currently shared? I look forward to learning more over the next 2 days. I also look forward to no longer be annoyed by the failed attempt by organizations to try and keep fans entertained and involved in a season that still hasn’t begun.

Riddle me that Bettman.

It’s been almost 2 hours since the lockout began. I’m still in shock. I lived through this once before in 2005 right after the amazing Stanley Cup victory by my Tampa Bay Lightning. That was a real heartbreaker, I felt so much momentum was lost and a lot of great players were traded when hockey resumed a year later. We had a real chance at another cup.
Now in 2012 I have to sit through what could be another year long lockout, just when Steven Stamkos is breaking records and helping get Tampa back to its former glory, not to mention the Rangers have all the ingredients to win the cup but tonight the lockout began. What kind of league does this to its fans? Most importantly how can the owners do this to the staff who works the arenas? You all didn’t just take jobs away from players. What about everyone else?
I should sleep but my sleep will be filled with nightmares of another season lost, another blank spot on the cup and a year were children will learn to love soccer over hockey because they have no heroes to watch on tv or in the arenas.



The Rangers were the last hope I had for a winning season and the joy of seeing a team I love raise the cup. Tampa Bay didn’t make it to the playoffs this year so at least I only had one broken heart to deal with unlike poor Vicky.

The Rangers did something great for me this year they brought me closer to Vicky and we gave the hockey world another fan, Maki. And if that’s all I have to take with me this season the I think we won.

On to next year and another glorious season of hockey.