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Vicky is late again with…..

So let’s get right to it!

This week’s SS comes to us as a request from reader Elizabeth Stephens.  Yes, we do take requests, and I know others of you have made them too.  I keep them all on a list, and provided they pass muster with us, we will definitely get to them.  Elizabeth is up first, with her request for…


Val Wing3


Vitals: Born March 20th, 1984 (just had a birthday!), Vantaa, Finland. 6’0″, 193 lbs.  Single, but has a girlfriend.

Nickname(s): Flip, Fil, Val.

Current team: Detroit Red Wings. Center/Left wing. Shoots left.

Fancy awards: Olympic games Bronze medal for Finland (2010), Stanley Cup (2008 Red Wings).

Cool trivia: Has an older brother Ilari, who plays professional hockey in Finland (and is also hot!!). Likes to play tennis and golf.

Let’s get to the sexy.  What do you think we should start with, Val?

Val thinking animated

I didn’t mean to make you think too hard.  How ’bout we just start with….


Val Wing2

Val Wing1


Val with Cup

His day with THE CUP. Anyone else besides me staring at the blue strip of underwear? Yeah, I thought so.

Now that I’ve got you warmed up, let’s jump in the deep end.


Val black muscle shirt

Val, love the Karate Kid pose, and it makes those gorgeous biceps stand out, but could you show a little more skin?

Val abs

That’s perfect, thanks.

Val blue muscle shirt

God Bless you, Nike. For making these pictures.

Val blue muscle shirt2

Looks good in blue.


Val eyes2

Val eyes


Val model pose


Val suit



Val golf

And then I said, “Tiger, you can have all my rejects.”

Val red shirt

Oh, hai!


Val hockey thighs2


Val hockey thighs



Young Val

I know, not much difference except a couple of pounds! lol!



This is just a random shot I had to throw in for two reasons: 1) That sweater LOVES his muscles.  2) Karlsson looks like Vanilla Ice as a child molester.

Val orange shirt2

Don’t believe me?  Here.  Try this one.

Val orange shirt


But who cares, all we are looking at is the orange sweater anyway.  And the only person we are interested in seeing with Filppula is….


Henrik Lundqvist, Valtteri Filppula

He comes perilously close to slicing my goalie with a skate, but since I’m pretty sure Henrik’s stick is stuck up somewhere uncomfortable (seriously, I don’t see anything but the blade) I’ll let it slide.

Snuck Hank in there early, cause he seemed to fit, but I do have some videos to end on.

This one is seriously cool.  It’s a Nike ad (God Bless you again, Nike), and I can’t stop watching it.

Remember the brother I mentioned? Here is a cute interview with Ilari and Val.  Watch until the end, you get to find out what kind of fish Val would be.

And last, and sort of least, is a Red Wings video about Groundhog’s Day, and Motor City Fil. Let’s just say Val will never be an actor.

That wraps up another one, peeps! Hope you enjoyed it. Especially you, Elizabeth!

See ya next time…..


Sorry for the lack in posts on this our most popular subject! I (Nikki) went back to work last month and Vicky has had to join me in the store on Saturdays recently. Damn Swedes and their furniture. So I know Vicky always rags on me for picking and Ranger or Lightning but today I give you from the Chicago Blackhawks…..

Patrick Sharp


Born 12/27/1981;Winnipeg, Mannitoba 6’1″ 197lbs Married to Abby Sharp with 1 daughter.

Current Team: Chicago Blackhawks

Cool Trivia:

In 2009 he was named one of Chicago’s sexiest men by Victoria’s Secret. Won the Stanley Cup in 2010 against his former team the Philadelphia Flyers. In 2011 he was awarder in MVP award of the All Star Game. Also in 2011 Chicago Magazine named him one of the cities most attractive residents.

On the ice:

Can we celebrate together?

Make some room on that bench for us,

Team Canada:


With Lord Stanley’s Cup:

Pure Happiness


I love me a man with a beard.

One Degree:

Henrik Lundqvist

And introducing One Degree of Brad Richards

Hope you all enjoyed this weeks edition of Sexy Saturday. I hope we get better at this year but if this blog functions like this NY Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning or the San Jose Sharks have so far this season I wouldn’t expect it.

Evening, everyone!

Normally this day is reserved for Sexy Saturday.  But today is the birthday of the ORIGINAL Sexy Saturday…..


So I thought the deviation is acceptable. Let’s get to it!


We got you a card….


And a cake….


ok, we didn’t make this, but some person on the internet did, and whomever you are, we admire your mad skillz! I picked this one because of the awesome rendering of the nets. Must be a goalie mom/dad.

Apparently the folks back home Sweden got you a cake too:


I don’t know what a MO-Call is, but if it is anything like a booty call, I’m all for it.

So Happy 31st to you, Hankie!  Remember when you were a little tyke, skating in kindergarten? No? Let us help you out. Seems like only yesterday…..


Insert a great big, “Awwwww!” here.

And now, you’ve grown into this:


*sigh* Good job.

Let’s not forget your twin brother Joel too.


Happy Birthday, Joel!
(source: @HLundqvist30 on Twitter)

How about if you play guitar, I’ll sing you Happy Birthday?



Hmmm, not bad.  But let’s just listen to you play Sweet Child of Mine (how appropo) instead:


And now we come to the part I like to call, “God Bless Your Parents,” or “Thanks for swimming in the gene pool.”:





I know, I know.  Gorgeous, but too many clothes, right? Well, here.



Did I kill you? Are you still conscious?  Well, if you are still functioning, I have a video for you I’ve been saving since December:

The first 23 seconds……we love you, Mr. Porter, whomever you are.  You have now provided me with the screencap that has become the wallpaper on my phone.  You are also responsible for the drool cup I now have to keep by my computer whenever I watch that video.

Okay, I could do this all night, but I guess it’s probably time to wrap this up.  To close, we’d like to say to Henrik……


So cool, you even Out-James-Bond the actual James Bond.

HL_Bluesteel james-bond

It’s Lundqvist…….Henrik Lundqvist.

Night, everyone.


Hey Everyone!!  I’m baaaaaack……


Whew! It’s been a while.  Stupid lockout.  Then just when we get hockey back — BOOM! My laptop dies.  Much crying and hand-wringing ensued.  I’ve got a MacbookPro, and those damn things ain’t cheap. Do I get the old one fixed? (logicboard died while trying to update from Leopard up two OS animals). Do I get a new one?  And who do I have to kill to get the money for a new one?  At any rate, this process took a while, but I’m back up and running.  In the interim, my awesome blog partner Nikki stepped in and did a great job.  She did such a great job, she’s gonna start sharing the S.S. load with me and doing some of the posts (she doesn’t know this yet. I expect my phone to blow up with text messages any moment now).  Her fault, she shouldn’t have done so well…..

So, how is everyone?  Getting back into the hockey swing?  This short season promises to be a crazy one.  I know the choice for the first Sexy Saturday this season was controversial, but blame me.  I wanted to give some props to the guy who GOT us a season, and hey, that’s sexy.

In that spirit of diversification, I’ve picked someone who is not a Ranger or Shark or Lightning.  But he’s still a goalie, so I can’t seem to break all my tendencies.  Not everyone loves his personality, and apparently he’s been overpaid and injured for most of his career, but if you’re sexy, you make it to the 5-Hole.  (Ahem.  Behave.)  And he is.  I bring you…




Vitals: Born September 19, 1981, Winthrop, MA, USA. 6’1″, 190 lbs.  Wife Cassandra Fontana.

Nickname(s): Rickety DiPietro, Dee, DiPi, Ricky Deep, Rico, DP (which is horrible, I have to say)

Current team: New York Islanders. Goaltender. Catches right. 1st overall NHL draft 2000.

Fancy awards: Hockey East Rookie of the Year (2000).  Hockey East Second All-Star Team (2000). Named Best Goaltender at WJC-A (2000). World Junior Ice Hockey Championships (WJC-A) All-Star Team (2000). World Cup of Hockey (2004).  IIHF World Championships (2005).  XX Olympic Winter Games (2006),  Played in NHL All-Star Game (2008).

Cool trivia: He loves to cook, and when not watching hockey, he’s watching the Food Network.



Action shot.

RickDiPietro-1600X1200 Recalling his father’s 1969 Army service as a combat assault pilot in Vietnam, DiPietro took note that the Islanders’ home ice is called the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, and had his mask designed in a patriotic pastiche that included the Huey helicopter that his father flew on missions to honor veterans.  Very cool!


I love goalies.


Looks good in orange.


What was that about the length of my stick?


How you doin’?


ice hockey goal tender - rick_dipietro


This makes me want to pledge allegiance.




Lucky fan!

Rick in suit

Suits you, sir.


Chiseled profile.


Rick is an animal lover, and he and his wife donate a lot of time to helping pet organizations.  Aww!


Despite the hair (there is an unfortunate “Jesus look” going on this season) this picture melts my heart.


King Rico?


Now I love me a goalie who isn’t afraid to mix it up, but can’t get too excited over this fight with Brent Johnson, because Rick fractured his face, particularly around his right eye.  This is why I shout, “Not the face!!” whenever any of our S.S. alum get in altercations.  Must protect the pretty!  Still, a goalie-on-goalie fight? Too awesome not to post.




If you can speak German, this is even more enjoyable.  If not, you can hear his English under the translator.  The “unfortunate Jesus look” hasn’t gotten out of hand yet, and he looks very Euro-model-esque and hot!  This interview is from when he played for SC Riessersee during the lockout.


Finally, for One-Degree-of-Henrik-Lundqvist:


It is super-tiny, but we see Rick and Henrik shaking hands after the USA vs. Sweden game in the 2006 Olympics.  Man, goalie-to-goalie pics are hard to find! But this just illustrates how EVERYTHING relates back to King Hank….


There you go, hope you enjoyed this week’s selection.  Leave a comment if you did (or didn’t, I can take it).  I’m off to Nikki’s to watch the Lightning play the Rangers, and if we survive, we’ll see you next week.



So the earlier posted SS was for last week, Now we are all caught up and trying to stay on schedule. I had a hard time choosing today’s Sexy Saturday, it is almost always a Ranger or a Lightning player but can I help it that they are all so dang attractive and talented? I promise we will diversify this season let us just be biased for a bit!

So without further ado




Vitals: Born December 1, 1979 Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 6’4″ 194 lbs

Nickname(s): Bugsy

Current Team: Tampa Bay Lightning. Left Wing. Shoots Left.

Cool Trivia: Son of former Pittsburgh Penguin Greg Malone. Ryan is the only Pittsburgh native to play for the team and are only the second father/son duo to score hat tricks for the same team. Ryan scored his second hat trick in the first minute of every period during a game against the Islanders in 2007. Ryan also is not a weak guy he has broken a nose while checked, taken a slap shot to the face, all in the same game and stayed on the ice.

That’s my kinda guy!

Penguin Malone:


Told you he was tough!


Look at his vertical!



He makes Malkin look good!

Lightning Malone:


Much better!


What a comedian! Hope the puck went in first!


Lucky kids.


Double Whammy!

Team USA Malone:




Casual Malone:




I do love a man in a suit!


What a great smile!


The tattoos get me everytime!

One Degree of Henrik Lundqvist:


Can we trade places please?

**I tried my best to do this a good as Vicky! She will be back in action soon!!

I know I said Sexy Saturday was retired for the off-season, but just as this player was exceptional, I had to make an exception. It won’t be a full-on Sexy Saturday, but a tribute — vickyandnikki5hole style. So without further ado……

Tack för de minnen, Nicklas. (Thank you for the memories, Nicklas.)

Poster designed by @JHowardDesign

In case you’ve been under a rock and haven’t heard, the best European-born player in NHL history, and arguably the best defenseman, has decided to retire. Nicklas Lidstrom — who played his entire 20-year career with the Detroit Red Wings — announced Thursday that he is hanging up his skates. He says he no longer has the drive and energy to train in the off-season the way he thinks he should. I’m sure Detroit fans would rather have a Lidstrom who is at 85% than no Lidstrom at all. I personally thought he would hang on for one more year to play in the Winter Classic in Detroit in January. That would have been possibly the one thing he hasn’t done in his career, although he can come back and play in the Alumni Game. But some have speculated that since his second son will join his eldest in Sweden, playing hockey there, and his family would be in Sweden, that he didn’t want to be separated from them. If that is the case, that makes Lidstrom even more of an amazing person than I already thought he was.

But you didn’t come to this hockey blog to read about game or player analysis. There are far better ones out there for that. No, you people come here for the pretty, the stats, the videos. And I am more than happy to comply. So to send off an amazing player to the ether, and whom I’m sure we’ll see in the Hall of Fame and number-retiring ceremonies, I give you a little Sexy Saturday…..



Vitals: Born April 28, 1970, Västerås (though Avesta is also listed), Sweden. 6’1″, 190 lbs. Wife Annika, sons Kevin, Adam, Samuel, and Lucas.

Nickname(s): The Perfect Human, St. Nick.

Current team: Detroit Red Wings. Defense. Shoots left. Captain.

Fancy awards: You ready? There’s a ton (straight outta Wiki).

  • World Championship gold medal winner (Sweden, 1991).
  • NHL All-Rookie Team (1992).
  • 4-time Stanley Cup winner (1997, 1998, 2002, and 2008).
  • 12-time NHL All-Star (1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009*, 2011).
  • 10-time NHL First All-Star Team member (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011).
  • 2-time NHL Second All-Star Team member (2009 and 2010).
  • 7-time Norris Trophy winner (2001, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2011).
  • Conn Smythe Trophy winner (2002).
  • Olympic gold medal winner (Sweden, 2006); Lidström became a member of the Triple Gold Club with this win.
  • Olympic All-Star Team (2006).
  • 2-time Viking Award winner (2000 and 2006).

*did not attend


All records are as of the end of the 2011–12 regular season unless otherwise noted.


  • First European-born and trained Norris Trophy winner (2000–01).
  • First European-born and trained Conn Smythe Trophy winner (2001–02).
  • Fourth defenseman (and first European-born and trained defenseman) in NHL to win James Norris Memorial Trophy three years running (2001–2003, 2006–2008), and third seven-time Norris Trophy winner.
  • First European-born and trained captain of a Stanley Cup-winning team (2008).
  • First European-born and trained defenceman to reach 1,000 points.
  • Sixth defenceman (and 28th player overall) to reach 855 career assists.
  • Most regular season games played by a player born in Europe, any position (1564).
  • Most regular season games played by a player in a career spent with only one team (1564).
  • Most regular season wins played in (900).
  • Active leader in games played any position (1564).
  • Oldest player ever to record his first hat trick (40 years old)
  • Oldest defenceman ever to record a hat trick (40 years old)
  • Oldest Norris Trophy winner (41 years, 57 days) (2010–2011)

Detroit Red Wings

  • Points by a defenceman, season (2005–06, 80).
  • Postseason goals by a defenceman, career (54).
  • Postseason points by a defenceman, career (183).
  • Postseason assists, career (129).
  • Postseason games played, career (258).
  • Games played by a defenceman, career (1564).
  • Goals, assists, and points by a defenceman, career (264, 878, and 1142).
  • Goals in a single postseason by a defenceman (1998, 6).
  • Best postseason plus/minus, career (+61).
  • Best regular season plus/minus, career (+450).

Cool trivia: He returns to his hometown in the offseason and owns his own sports bar in Vasteras called, ‘Bars and Stars’.


I will buy whatever this magazine is selling.



Perfekt family is perfekt.

There IS something in the water there….

Baby Nicks!


Everything you need to know about Nick, on NHL36:

Part 1

Part 2


Here is FS Sports “Mr. Perfect.” (very funny)



That’s only a small sample of Mr. Perfect, but his huge presence in the game will be missed for decades to come. Good bye, Nick, and Good luck. Thanks from a grateful Hockey Nation.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s……….

Keeping with our superhero theme, this week I chose someone who has been likened to Captain America.  As well he should be.  He is one of three American-born captains in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  (Are you paying attention, Canada?)  He is a New Yorker.  He wears red, white, and blue.  His heroics have saved his team (Avengers? Rangers?) too many times to count.  And I imagine he’d look really hot in blue spandex.

This week’s Sexy Saturday is…..


Vitals: Born March 21, 1985, Rochester, NY, USA. 5’11″, 185 lbs.  Wife Kyla Callahan.

Nickname(s): Captain Cally. Ryan “The Right Way” Callahan (according to Dan Girardi).

Current team: New York Rangers. Forward. Shoots right. Captain.

Fancy awards: 2006 Leo Lalonde Memorial Trophy (OHL).  2007 All-Rookie Team (OHL).  2009, 2010, 2012 awarded the Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award. 2010 Olympic Silver Medal (USA).

Cool trivia: His first NHL goals were a pair he scored on St. Patrick’s Day, in Boston.  What a good Irish lad!  Is actually half Irish, his mother is Italian. Is the 5th-youngest team captain in Ranger history.  Favorite player growing up was Brendan “Shana-banned” Shanahan.  Loves him some chicken parmesan (you’ll see this in the videos) for his game day meal.  Favorite movie is Wedding Crashers.  Likes to play golf.  Is a country music fan, though has admitted to having a Mylie Cyrus song on his iPod.

Really, Cally?  Mylie Cyrus? C’mon, do you really like her music?

(courtesy: HenrikSaves)

Whew, ok.  You had me worried there for a minute.  Just give us a smile, we can forgive and forget, and get on with this show.

Awww!  Cally, you can play anything you want.  You’re as cute as some chicken parm!




Tres cool.


Those Emo kids got nothing on me.  Look at my perfect pouty lips, and pensive gaze…..*sigh*
(Photo by Scott Levy/NHLI via Getty Images)

I saw what you did there. In two seconds, I’m gonna come over and kick your ass. And not even mess up my gorgeous face.



Golfing with best buddy Danny G.

Soccer before game. Pointing your toes always helps your game, and shows your calves off. Prusty is shocked.

More hockey thighs!! Cally and Stepan getting ready before the winter classic. Cally even showing a little bicep there under the gray shirt. So modest.
(Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images)



HBO’s 24/7:

You’ve got to watch the real thing — all four episodes. As I’ve stated earlier, it is hockey crack.  Even the earlier series with the Pens and Caps is awesome.  But if you can’t see it in its entirety, you can see a segment from Brad Richard’s “Ugly Sweater Christmas Party” (which Cally wins) in Brian Boyle’s Sexy Saturday post.  Go ahead, click over there and watch it.  I’ll wait.

Ok, now that you’ve seen that, here are some screen caps from the rest of the Rangers series:


Cally looking for a cab to commute to The Garden. Don’t worry, sweetie, I’ll pick you up. Especially in that sweater.

Cally and Prusty skating in Central Park with the WAGS. Gotta love NYR fashion — rawr.

Um, HI. See, I TOLD YOU YOU NEED TO WATCH 24/7! Would I ever steer you wrong? Here a team trainer (who is clearly on our side) wants Cally to strip down so he can ice his shoulder. Yes, please.

Now he’s iced up and eating his chicken parm. With peek-a-boo pects. Delish.


Winter Classic:

Don’t call it a toque. I’m AMERICAN.

I told you they were the sexiest team in hockey. Maybe after 20 million photos, you will believe me.



I pledge the allegiance to YOU.

I love how he’s squat stretching on the words “plus brillants exploits.”



AWWW. Look out, Hankie!

Already sporting the red, white and blue, Cpt. America!



First up we have an older video from MSG called “Player Profile.”  You’ll see Cally wearing #43, and #24 as an Alternate Captain.  They boldly predict that one day he will wear the “C.” Heh heh.  Still, a really nice profile on his playing and career, and accolades from a lot of different people.  About 20 min long:


Next up, Hankie, Prusty, and Richie show him some love on an NBC break:


Finally is the AWESOME series MSG network did called “Beginnings.” Boyle, Staal, Stepan, and Callahan all got one. I linked Boyle’s on his Sexy Saturday profile.  Now it’s Cally’s turn.  This series is great because you get to meet the fam, see the home town, the schools, the coaches, the girlfriends/friends, as well as the beginning of their hockey career.  It is also about 20 min long.  Can’t tell you how much I love these shows.


Okay, finally it’s time again for One-Degree-of-Henrik-Lundqvist.

So. Much. Pretteh.


Cally has been called the heart of the team.  Hankie has been called the backbone.  One fires emotion, one gives strength.  Together they show their boys that you need both to win. They admire and respect each other, and in turn are admired and respected.  Each is different, but like a right and left hand, they work in conjunction to accomplish the goal.  I don’t know who made this sign, but it is a brilliant illustration of this concept.





On that note, kids, time to say good-bye for another week.  Cally hoped you enjoyed it.  Now, go have some chicken parm.  Captain America will keep the world safe while you do.