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Hey, long time no see, eh guys?  Well, you know I’d be back for March 2, even if I’m getting here under the wire. So….

Happy birthday, Henrik (and Joel)!  32 never looked so good!


photo credit: Getty

Thought I’d throw a little Swedish Olympic hotness in there.  You’re welcome.  Hank looks happy too:


photo credit: Reuters

Speaking of relief, Hank has a new Advil commercial!  You know, for those morning-after-birthday hangovers.

Only link I could find is Advil FB page. Click here to watch it!

Even a badass rhino is no match for the King.  Animals got nothin’ on him.


Celebrate like the Beast you are, Hank!!

We love ya!! Here’s to the next sexy 32!



I can’t even……*thud*

(see the original on the Animal Rescue League page, link below. Check out their other pictures from the October shoot for their 2014 Penguins & Paws calendar, while Nikki is trying to revive me..)

Tanger with Kit-teh

It’s been a long-standing joke between Nikki and I that my San Jose Sharks are not, er, the prettiest of teams.  That title unequivocally belongs to our mutual team, the NY Rangers.  Then in the pecking order of things around here, her TB Lighting were next, and my Sharks were a distant third.  Distant.  Of course I loved them anyway, but a gal can dream of a cuter tomorrow, right?  Well, tomorrow may be here!  The latest 20 questions on the Daily Chomp showcase a plethora of cuteness.  Still not in the Rangers’ league, but I just had to share, I was so tickled.  Click on the link and enjoy!

I know a lot of you are Brad Richards haters but we here at the 5 Hole love him! I (Nikki) have loved this hockey player since I was 16 and today day 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs for the New York Rangers we want to celebrate Brad on his 33rd birthday.

Damn he makes 33 look good.

Yes that’s a Stars jersey but I love him scruffy.

Why yes we would love to go wine tasting with you.


He wears a suit so well.




Happy (Belated) Birthday to Dan Girardi (yesterday) and Chris Krider!


He cleans up so well.

He looks good when he’s scoring those goals!

Happy Birthday fellas! Hope Torts didn’t work ya too hard!

Hey, guess who turned 26 today?



Awww, don’t be shy, Tanger!  You’ve grown up so much.  Remember this picture?


Look at that baby face, and your whiskers were just beginning to sprout!

Speaking of whiskers, we have a birthday meow for LeKitty himself:


Hope you are having a good one, m’seur! A pool party, perhaps? Count me in!


You know, they sure do grow them pretty up in Quebec.  And another joli Québécois with a birthday this month (April 21) is Mr. Vincent Lecavalier:


He turned a gorgeous 33.  That one is for you, Nikki….

So, happy birthday, boys! Party ’till you drop!

Tanger falls

Today is the birthday of the best blogger buddy a gal could ever have!! In honor of her birthday I have created some very basic birthday cards. I don’t have Photoshop so when I say basic I mean BASIC! They were made with love and that’s all that matters.