About Nikki:

I fell in love with hockey in the 5th grade while living in Texas, it all started with a minor league team in the CHL called the Austin Ice Bats who sadly no longer exist. My favorite NHL team is the Tampa Bay Lightning. I met Brad Richards when I was 16 and he was so incredibly nice that I will follow him the rest of his career, even now when he is playing in Chicago.

About Vicky:

From cheering on my college Ice Cats, to living in CA and becoming a San Jose Sharks fan (even watching a game from under a table as we had an earthquake) I’ve been at this a while. And I love it. Having been a Henrik Lundqvist (*drool*) fan for forever, I have become over the years a die-hard Rangers fan who now #bleedsblue. I also work for the AHL Texas Stars (my opinions are my own and do not represent the Texas Stars or Dallas Stars).

About us:

Two straight chicks (but we love our gays!!) who live in Austin, and share a love of the game. And hot men in gear! We’re here to discuss it all with you.

Email: vickyandnikkis5hole@gmail.com

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