Last Regular Season Game

Posted: April 23, 2015 in Things We Love
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Hi everyone!

NHL playoffs have begun — so exciting! Nikki has done such a great job keeping everyone up to date on scores and photos. This place is looking alive again.

I’m going to post some Texas Stars stuff here. While most of you probably don’t follow the Texas Stars, I’ll hopefully have some fun pics and video of life in the AHL that are somewhat interesting. Hopefully.

Last Saturday was our last regular season game. Luckily we made it back into the Calder Cup playoffs this year, and they start tomorrow night. But last Saturday wasn’t just the last game, it was also Fan Appreciation Night.

I made “hockey pucks” with Dingdongs and icing for my Ice Patrol squad’s last game.

Not half bad, if I do say so myself. Too bad half of them were on a diet. Oh well, more for me.

We gave stuff away:

These weren’t bad.


These were. What the heck are they? Baby onesie? Lobster bin? Car chamois? Everyone was confused.

Turns out they are rally towels. Yeah.  I’m just gonna leave that there for you to figure out.

A lot more things were given away during the game. Lottery tickets, tshirts, merchandise, sponsored gifts. The free massage was one I wouldn’t have minded winning. Darn ineligibility. 

We run around like crazy during the games. One place to grab a second of peace is here:  I’m gonna call this segment the “Hanging out in the Zamboni tunnel.”  Because I do.  Expect more of these. This is the thrilling journalism you expect here at the 5 Hole. Enjoy. 

Those weird towels must have been somewhat lucky, because we won our last game, against the West Division champs the San Antonio Rampage.  
Sweaty boy group hug! Awww. 

 Throwing out shirts to the fans after the game. Always a lot of fun. 

Here’s some video:

Ok, so no video.  WP won’t let me upload .mov files from my phone, and I can’t remember our YouTube info, so Nikki will have to help me figure this out, lol.  As soon as I do I’ll edit this post and include the video here.

Technical issues aside, this Friday and Saturday our first round of playoffs to Defend the Calder Cup begin.  I’ll post something for y’all on Sunday.  LET’S GO STARS!


  1. “This is the thrilling journalism you expect here at the 5 Hole. Enjoy.” <— This is why I come here. This isn't why everyone comes here?

    "Sweaty boy group hug!" ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I am all in. Even though my Mom was a probation officer, the rule growing up was, interestingly enough, not “don’t break the law,” it was “don’t get caught breaking the law, but if you do get caught, you should make someone else your one phone call.”

    The point here is that I’m excellent at not getting caught. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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