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Night 15

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I COULDNT WAIT UNTIL MORNING! YAY!!!!!! Jahwiwnishwisbjaoamaowyavhs!!!!!

  This was my view for the game. 

Night 14

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Sometimes NHL on NBC posts things I agree with. 
Game 7 tonight!!! I have massive anxiety. If you haven’t  been, please begin sending all good mojo to the Lightning. I don’t wanna end it all so early. I don’t think my hotel has NBCSN so this should be interesting. 

Night 13

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We have forced a game 7. I really believed we should have won this series in 5 games. Now only 1 game matters. 

  Caps clinched blah blah.  

Day 12

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      I thought this concersation was hysterical. 
Twitter isn’t only for shit talking! 

Day 11

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There is 1 picture that sums up the Tampa game:  I am and complete jinx when I watch Tampa. This is a cruel world and I DONT LIKE IT. I also don’t like the ducking terrible game I watched. Hello people the is the FUCKING STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS! CAN YOU PLAY LIKE IT? 

Chicago clinched:   


Now it’s time for spot the Brad!   

Now to get you right in the feels: Darling got pulled real quick I. The first and Crawford found his game. 

Isles killed it and oh yeah Calgary or whatever clinched too. Meh. 
Stars lost again.


Night 10

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Vicky and I both had to work last night unfortunately but Vicky worked te Stars game (they lost). 


We luckily got off work to this message:

Watching day 11 now. Way to go Isles! Crush them in 7!!