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I can’t even……*thud*

(see the original on the Animal Rescue League page, link below. Check out their other pictures from the October shoot for their 2014 Penguins & Paws calendar, while Nikki is trying to revive me..)

Tanger with Kit-teh

It’s been a long-standing joke between Nikki and I that my San Jose Sharks are not, er, the prettiest of teams.  That title unequivocally belongs to our mutual team, the NY Rangers.  Then in the pecking order of things around here, her TB Lighting were next, and my Sharks were a distant third.  Distant.  Of course I loved them anyway, but a gal can dream of a cuter tomorrow, right?  Well, tomorrow may be here!  The latest 20 questions on the Daily Chomp showcase a plethora of cuteness.  Still not in the Rangers’ league, but I just had to share, I was so tickled.  Click on the link and enjoy!