We Have the Best Readers in All of Blogdom

Posted: May 17, 2013 in Things We Love
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Evening, Everyone!


You know, I’m so glad you guys stick around.  I haven’t done much this year, and Sexy Saturday has been hit-and-miss at best this season. Looking over our last couple of posts, you’d think this has turned into a Birthday Blog.  Seems like there’s a game to watch every day, and between watching NHL on tv and our AHL team in person, blogging time has been scarce.


And yet, you’ve stuck around.  Thanks. I mean that.  It makes the place so much more cozy if it’s not just me here.


We’ve “met” some really awesome people through the blog or our Twitter account.  Fans from all over, from all teams.  Rangers fans (ourselves included) in particular are a passionate bunch.  They’ve welcomed us with open arms, and one in particular — “@wishinonehand” on Twitter” — has gone above and beyond by sending us a Stanley Cup Playoff care package:

Rangers package


What was inside?




Gaaaaahhh!!! I am beside myself with happiness.  These will be spun madly about our heads from the next game on.  It’s great to have a piece of MSG here, and even more great to have Brenda send them to us.  We also have these to play with:

Ranger rubber bands

Ranger rubber bands.  Let “Operation: Annoy My Cat” begin.


At any rate, just wanted to thank @wishinonehand again (give her a follow on Twitter if you are a Rangers fan), and to also thank all our readers for sticking in there with us.  This summer we will have more time to do more blogging, and I have some cool stuff (including some photos from Brenda from the Rangers Dog Walk last year) that I have saved to share.


Cheerio for now.  Oh, one last thing:

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey! Let’s Go Rangers!

  1. I’ve always said that hockey fans in the US may be few in number, but we more than make up for it in passion and dedication. We’re a fiercely loyal, close-knit bunch. And it’s part of what makes being a hockey fan so awesome. Don’t get me wrong – I love my Giants, too, among other sports, but there’s something special about the bond between hockey fans. You might get into baseball or football because it’s popular — or because you can’t escape it, but hockey (like soccer in the US), is WORK to follow. It’s totally worth it and rewarding, but especially if you don’t live in the same TV market as your favorite team, you’ve gotta put forth some serious effort to follow the ups and downs of your team. It’s an inside joke, a made up language between twins, a secret handshake — and when you find someone else who knows The Code, it’s like coming home within the family fold.

    Enjoy the towels, ladies.

    #NYRBelieve #BleedBlue #RangersNation

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