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Happy (Belated) Birthday to Dan Girardi (yesterday) and Chris Krider!


He cleans up so well.

He looks good when he’s scoring those goals!

Happy Birthday fellas! Hope Torts didn’t work ya too hard!

Hey, guess who turned 26 today?



Awww, don’t be shy, Tanger!  You’ve grown up so much.  Remember this picture?


Look at that baby face, and your whiskers were just beginning to sprout!

Speaking of whiskers, we have a birthday meow for LeKitty himself:


Hope you are having a good one, m’seur! A pool party, perhaps? Count me in!


You know, they sure do grow them pretty up in Quebec.  And another joli Québécois with a birthday this month (April 21) is Mr. Vincent Lecavalier:


He turned a gorgeous 33.  That one is for you, Nikki….

So, happy birthday, boys! Party ’till you drop!

Tanger falls


Nikki is late again! I blame our lack of dedication to the Sexy Saturday on the lockout, which is also the excuse for the slow start to the Rangers and why the Lightning are once again not making it to the playoffs. But enough of that here is what we have all been waiting for…. Welcome to the team Derick Brassard!!

Vitals: Born-9/22/1985 Height-6’11” Weight-190lbs

Current Team: New York Rangers, center, shoots left.

 With the Blue Jackets:

With the Rangers:


Prust! ❤


Congratulations to Brad Richards on earning his first career hat trick after 896 career games. It is amazing to think that the Conn Smythe winner of the 2004 Stanley Cup winning Tampa Bay Lightning has never register this statistic before. This is the same player who has the amazing statistic of every time he scored in those playoff games the team won.

I know many of our fellow Blueshirts have lost some faith in this amazing veteran player. We here at the 5 hole have never stopped believing and are confident in Brad’s skill and know that he still has so many more amazing games to play and we will see him win the cup again.

Loving Richie for 8 years and counting,