Sexy Saturday: Patrick Sharp

Posted: March 16, 2013 in Sexy Saturday
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Sorry for the lack in posts on this our most popular subject! I (Nikki) went back to work last month and Vicky has had to join me in the store on Saturdays recently. Damn Swedes and their furniture. So I know Vicky always rags on me for picking and Ranger or Lightning but today I give you from the Chicago Blackhawks…..

Patrick Sharp


Born 12/27/1981;Winnipeg, Mannitoba 6’1″ 197lbs Married to Abby Sharp with 1 daughter.

Current Team: Chicago Blackhawks

Cool Trivia:

In 2009 he was named one of Chicago’s sexiest men by Victoria’s Secret. Won the Stanley Cup in 2010 against his former team the Philadelphia Flyers. In 2011 he was awarder in MVP award of the All Star Game. Also in 2011 Chicago Magazine named him one of the cities most attractive residents.

On the ice:

Can we celebrate together?

Make some room on that bench for us,

Team Canada:


With Lord Stanley’s Cup:

Pure Happiness


I love me a man with a beard.

One Degree:

Henrik Lundqvist

And introducing One Degree of Brad Richards

Hope you all enjoyed this weeks edition of Sexy Saturday. I hope we get better at this year but if this blog functions like this NY Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning or the San Jose Sharks have so far this season I wouldn’t expect it.

  1. gypsygoo says:

    DEFINITELY my fave Blackhawk! Pretty sad that he’s out with a shoulder injury, but they’re talking he could be back sooner than expected. Not digging the beard on Sharpie, but everything else is yummy. Thanks for heating up this chilly Saturday, Nikki!! 🙂

  2. But have you seen the ridiculous levels of adorableness that is Sharpie with his dog?? It’s almost too much to handle. I can’t believe he trained the dog to wipe his mouth…

    Get well soon, Sharpie.

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