Patrick Kaleta is not a hockey player.

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Things We Don't Love, Uncategorized

Above is the link for todays ruling on the hit to Brad Richards from Sundays game.


I am completely outraged that a “player” like this is allowed to continue to play in the NHL. He has been suspended for “ramming head into face of an opponent” TWICE and several incidents of boarding,

Player safety is a hot topic and Shanahan is “bringing down the hammer” so why not make a point and don’t just fine players who look to cause injury and remove them for a season after a repeat offense, the third is career ending.’


That would send the message that this bullshit is not tolerated.


  1. gypsygoo says:

    That was an ugly hit. I don’t know how they’re going to stop crap like that from happening unless the penalty is more severe than the loss of a few dollars and a little ice time. 😦

    • Exactly. Which is how you know they are not serious about “player safety,” or even dealing with the concussion issue…..and I predict they will not change until the league gets the pants sued off them — we’ll see what happens with the NFL, as class-action suits are already pending…..

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