Grattis på födelsedagen, Kung Henrik — år två

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Birthdays, Goalies, Sexy Saturday
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Evening, everyone!

Normally this day is reserved for Sexy Saturday.  But today is the birthday of the ORIGINAL Sexy Saturday…..


So I thought the deviation is acceptable. Let’s get to it!


We got you a card….


And a cake….


ok, we didn’t make this, but some person on the internet did, and whomever you are, we admire your mad skillz! I picked this one because of the awesome rendering of the nets. Must be a goalie mom/dad.

Apparently the folks back home Sweden got you a cake too:


I don’t know what a MO-Call is, but if it is anything like a booty call, I’m all for it.

So Happy 31st to you, Hankie!  Remember when you were a little tyke, skating in kindergarten? No? Let us help you out. Seems like only yesterday…..


Insert a great big, “Awwwww!” here.

And now, you’ve grown into this:


*sigh* Good job.

Let’s not forget your twin brother Joel too.


Happy Birthday, Joel!
(source: @HLundqvist30 on Twitter)

How about if you play guitar, I’ll sing you Happy Birthday?



Hmmm, not bad.  But let’s just listen to you play Sweet Child of Mine (how appropo) instead:


And now we come to the part I like to call, “God Bless Your Parents,” or “Thanks for swimming in the gene pool.”:





I know, I know.  Gorgeous, but too many clothes, right? Well, here.



Did I kill you? Are you still conscious?  Well, if you are still functioning, I have a video for you I’ve been saving since December:

The first 23 seconds……we love you, Mr. Porter, whomever you are.  You have now provided me with the screencap that has become the wallpaper on my phone.  You are also responsible for the drool cup I now have to keep by my computer whenever I watch that video.

Okay, I could do this all night, but I guess it’s probably time to wrap this up.  To close, we’d like to say to Henrik……


So cool, you even Out-James-Bond the actual James Bond.

HL_Bluesteel james-bond

It’s Lundqvist…….Henrik Lundqvist.

Night, everyone.


  1. gypsygoo says:

    I must say, he’s quite yummy. Even if he’s a *ahem* Ranger… Good pick, and many happy returns to the birthday boy. (Just not against MY teams… 😉 )

    • I think even Ranger-haters will agree he’s hot. 😀 I will pass on your good wishes to him….ok, I WISH I could pass on your wishes…..ha ha. And of course, not against your teams. Good thing we still have the Goos to agree on, right K?

  2. The only thing that’s not flawless about this is the no shoes with the tux thing, but I’m more than willing to overlook that. And now I’m going to go splash some cold water on my face.

    • I don’t get the Euro fascination for going sock-less. (Or men in white jeans for that matter, but I digress) I’m gonna assume his feet are as flawless as the rest of him, and let it go at that. Any other thought does not bear dwelling upon. How’d the cold splash work out for ya? Yeah, never works for me either.

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