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Hey Everyone!!  I’m baaaaaack……


Whew! It’s been a while.  Stupid lockout.  Then just when we get hockey back — BOOM! My laptop dies.  Much crying and hand-wringing ensued.  I’ve got a MacbookPro, and those damn things ain’t cheap. Do I get the old one fixed? (logicboard died while trying to update from Leopard up two OS animals). Do I get a new one?  And who do I have to kill to get the money for a new one?  At any rate, this process took a while, but I’m back up and running.  In the interim, my awesome blog partner Nikki stepped in and did a great job.  She did such a great job, she’s gonna start sharing the S.S. load with me and doing some of the posts (she doesn’t know this yet. I expect my phone to blow up with text messages any moment now).  Her fault, she shouldn’t have done so well…..

So, how is everyone?  Getting back into the hockey swing?  This short season promises to be a crazy one.  I know the choice for the first Sexy Saturday this season was controversial, but blame me.  I wanted to give some props to the guy who GOT us a season, and hey, that’s sexy.

In that spirit of diversification, I’ve picked someone who is not a Ranger or Shark or Lightning.  But he’s still a goalie, so I can’t seem to break all my tendencies.  Not everyone loves his personality, and apparently he’s been overpaid and injured for most of his career, but if you’re sexy, you make it to the 5-Hole.  (Ahem.  Behave.)  And he is.  I bring you…




Vitals: Born September 19, 1981, Winthrop, MA, USA. 6’1″, 190 lbs.  Wife Cassandra Fontana.

Nickname(s): Rickety DiPietro, Dee, DiPi, Ricky Deep, Rico, DP (which is horrible, I have to say)

Current team: New York Islanders. Goaltender. Catches right. 1st overall NHL draft 2000.

Fancy awards: Hockey East Rookie of the Year (2000).  Hockey East Second All-Star Team (2000). Named Best Goaltender at WJC-A (2000). World Junior Ice Hockey Championships (WJC-A) All-Star Team (2000). World Cup of Hockey (2004).  IIHF World Championships (2005).  XX Olympic Winter Games (2006),  Played in NHL All-Star Game (2008).

Cool trivia: He loves to cook, and when not watching hockey, he’s watching the Food Network.



Action shot.

RickDiPietro-1600X1200 Recalling his father’s 1969 Army service as a combat assault pilot in Vietnam, DiPietro took note that the Islanders’ home ice is called the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, and had his mask designed in a patriotic pastiche that included the Huey helicopter that his father flew on missions to honor veterans.  Very cool!


I love goalies.


Looks good in orange.


What was that about the length of my stick?


How you doin’?


ice hockey goal tender - rick_dipietro


This makes me want to pledge allegiance.




Lucky fan!

Rick in suit

Suits you, sir.


Chiseled profile.


Rick is an animal lover, and he and his wife donate a lot of time to helping pet organizations.  Aww!


Despite the hair (there is an unfortunate “Jesus look” going on this season) this picture melts my heart.


King Rico?


Now I love me a goalie who isn’t afraid to mix it up, but can’t get too excited over this fight with Brent Johnson, because Rick fractured his face, particularly around his right eye.  This is why I shout, “Not the face!!” whenever any of our S.S. alum get in altercations.  Must protect the pretty!  Still, a goalie-on-goalie fight? Too awesome not to post.




If you can speak German, this is even more enjoyable.  If not, you can hear his English under the translator.  The “unfortunate Jesus look” hasn’t gotten out of hand yet, and he looks very Euro-model-esque and hot!  This interview is from when he played for SC Riessersee during the lockout.


Finally, for One-Degree-of-Henrik-Lundqvist:


It is super-tiny, but we see Rick and Henrik shaking hands after the USA vs. Sweden game in the 2006 Olympics.  Man, goalie-to-goalie pics are hard to find! But this just illustrates how EVERYTHING relates back to King Hank….


There you go, hope you enjoyed this week’s selection.  Leave a comment if you did (or didn’t, I can take it).  I’m off to Nikki’s to watch the Lightning play the Rangers, and if we survive, we’ll see you next week.