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Lockout Day 87-Bah Hum Bug

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized


So I (Nikki) thought I would update the blog venting/bitching about the lockout weekly… that clearly did not happen. Instead of writing the blog I made the above handsome man.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am getting really tired of the finger pointing and blame game. Stop walking out of the “meetings” saying you are close to a deal when you have no idea how far apart you still are. The emotional roller coaster you have been putting the fans on it getting really old. We are at the point where we will go to the games if there is a season but we will not be buying any merchandise this year. We will not feed into your greed. I thought I would get pictures of my newborn son in Rangers and Lightning gear but alas he will not own anything NHL, except the Vinny Lecavilier stuffed toy that Vicky bought him BEFORE the lockout was announced, until the NHL proves to me and all other fans that they are sorry and that they will be doing everything they can to make it up to us,