It’s 9:28 (central) on September 18th, Day 3 of the lockout and Gary Bettman still sucks.

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

As I sit here this morning eating my breakfast checking out the twitter feed really just looking to see who has moved on to another league this year (which don’t EVEN get me started about losing Nash in NY) and I just keep seeing organizations updating and talking like nothing is happening like it will all blow over and this season will begin with no problem.

Ummm HELLLLLLOOOOO?!?!?! You are moving rookies down to your AHL affiliates, star players are moving to the European leagues, Canada is working on getting weekly broadcasts to fill just a tiny gap in the hearts of millions. WHAT ARE YOU DOING AMERICA? Do something National Hockey League or this will be like the NBA season last year… it was a fucking joke! You are seeing higher profits than you have in years and you owners need to see more lining your pockets? When those of you in your ivory towers are on the ice getting the concussions, taking 90mph slap shots to the body, getting hit with sticks in the face, losing teeth, getting your head shoved into the boards or just practicing as hard as they do you THEN you can demand to remove money from their salary. Until that day arrives you all have no right to take more from these men, except for maybe Cindy Crosby but I am a little biased in this case.

So Tampa Bay Lightning twitter team what do I think of when I hear the lightning strike? I think of the tesla coils getting a little rusty this year. I am also deeply saddened by the fact that until this lockout is over my son will not be wearing official NHL gear, he will be wearing NCAA and NFL. Congrats on the lost revenue and stolen copyrighted images.


It’s 9:52 (central) on September 18th, Day 3 of the lockout and Gary Bettman still sucks.


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