Night 1- lockout 2012-2013 season

Posted: September 16, 2012 in News, Things We Don't Love
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It’s been almost 2 hours since the lockout began. I’m still in shock. I lived through this once before in 2005 right after the amazing Stanley Cup victory by my Tampa Bay Lightning. That was a real heartbreaker, I felt so much momentum was lost and a lot of great players were traded when hockey resumed a year later. We had a real chance at another cup.
Now in 2012 I have to sit through what could be another year long lockout, just when Steven Stamkos is breaking records and helping get Tampa back to its former glory, not to mention the Rangers have all the ingredients to win the cup but tonight the lockout began. What kind of league does this to its fans? Most importantly how can the owners do this to the staff who works the arenas? You all didn’t just take jobs away from players. What about everyone else?
I should sleep but my sleep will be filled with nightmares of another season lost, another blank spot on the cup and a year were children will learn to love soccer over hockey because they have no heroes to watch on tv or in the arenas.


  1. gypsygoo says:

    This sucks balls. Seriously. I finally get the freakin’ NHL channel, and now we’ve got no hockey. Bah. 😦

  2. (this is Vicky) This is such crap. And the damn NHL Network better pro-rate my package, or I’m canceling it too.
    Nikki, you make some great points about who is really gonna suffer in the lockout. Only silver lining I see is for AHL. Hopefully their attendance goes up, and all of those associated workers can benefit from this. We need to get tickets for the opener! Who knows, maybe Jagr will be there…… 🙂

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