Dog Days of Summer

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Things We Love
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For most of you (not counting our friends near the equator or in the southern hemisphere), fall is creeping in.  Cooler weather, leaves falling, football on the tv….but here in central Texas, it’s still damn hot.  The Dog Days linger here, and we won’t feel like autumn until, well, winter.

But I’d like to take a moment to toot our own horn, as it were.  People still complain that hotter cities are not the place for hockey.  No fans, no tradition, no hockey culture.  With the exception of Phoenix (which is a whole different conversation), warmer venues have embraced and supported hockey.  Tampa Bay, Sunrise, Dallas, Anaheim, and certainly now LA are legitimate hockey towns. And so are we! Here is an article from a tiny local paper (FYI, Cedar Park is a suburb of Austin):

Courtesy: Austin Community Impact Newspaper
full article here

Yup, that’s right. Nikki and I did that.  Okay, with the help of a few thousand of our friends (right Maki?!).  I refuse to believe we were all just looking for a cool place to escape the heat.  We are building hockey culture here, one cowboy at a time.  So, way to go, y’all!

The New York Rangers were experiencing their own Dog Days today, courtesy of the first annual New York Rangers Dog Walk in Riverside Park, to benefit the Westchester Humane Society and other organizations dedicated to promoting the humane treatment of animals. It was the brainchild of NYR coach John Tortorella, and if you would like more information on his foundation or would like to contribute, click here.  Now, doggie and Ranger pictures!

looks like Stepan, Kreider, Bickel, Pyatt, McDonagh, Staal, Nash (woohoo), Boyle, Torts, MDZ, and Hagelin all showed up — with Kreider and Boyler competing for the “Cutest big guy with a small dog” award.

The other half of the photo: Richards, new guys Halpern and Asham, Steps, Krieder, Torts, and Hank (and Nova)!

Henrik and Nova lead things off.

McD with, “The real Tom Hanks.”

Boyler and Kingly. Yup, he wins the award. (and Go Pats!)

Nikki and I were there in spirit:

Nikki and her boxer Belle.

Me, and my completely freaked-out-and-camera-shy-cat Bastet.

This makes our mascot dog Nash “Noodles” very happy! Arf!

Remember people, have your pets spayed and neutered! Help control the pet population, and please think rescue first.

  1. rebecca says:

    that “someone?” next to stu is Taylor Pyatt, who is a gorgeous addition to the already beautiful team:)

  2. rebecca says:

    “Sexy Saturday” is such a great invention:) keep up the awesome work, i love reading this blog!

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