Life on hold for the Olympics

Posted: July 28, 2012 in News

I know it’s been a while.  Is anyone still out there?   Sorry that I haven’t had anything new to post. I actually have a LOT of stuff to post, but, um, haven’t had time to post it.  And NOW…….it’s TEH OLYMPICS!!!

Exactly.  I mean, it’s not the Winter Olympics, with ice hockey, but still, I LUV TEH OLYMPICS!!  And so, er — what the Queen said.

But after the Olympics, I will be back.  And I have a ton of stuff I’ve been collecting.  Can anyone say, “ESPN The Body?”  Yup.  Stuff like that.  I think the Kaption Kontest was an epic failure ;D  Bless those lovely few people who commented, but I have “heard” you, my lurker readers, and what you really want is sexy photos, not photos where I make you work for the funny.  And I can totally respect that ;D  So no more captions, back to the actions.


In the mean time, good luck to all the countries competing, and go Team USA!  Make us the most decorated flight attendants in Olympic history!

where is airport security?


Oh, and Great Britain? More of this please. KTHXBAI.

Bond can kiss my lovely ass





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