Summer Saturday Kaption Kontest: #1

Posted: June 30, 2012 in Kaption Kontest
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Hi everyone, thanks for stopping on by.  We’ve got a new Saturday thing to get us through the summer, until Sexy Saturday can return.  All you lurkers out there need to de-cloak and join in, because this will only work if people participate. We’ll see how it goes on this trial run.  So get your funny on and get ready for our…..



What I am going to do is post a hockey photo, and you all supply the caption. Easy-peasy.  You just reply in the comments section.  You have until Friday at 4pm CST.  The one that makes me laugh the most will get their caption printed on the photo, which I will re-post the next Saturday, and their name will be up in lights.  Or at least up on the blog. Unless you want to remain nameless.  In which case you can email me here, and I will use your caption but keep your name out of it.  But really, you could be WORLD FAMOUS, so why wouldn’t you want your name on the blog?

Just please keep it clean.  You can be risqué, but don’t be crude. I will zap you.  And please have fun. Don’t be afraid to just float something out there.

You may be wondering about the spelling of the contest.  If you are familiar with LOLCat, you will understand. If not, this website will help:


It is basically a phonetic spelling, with the word order reversed, as it is in many languages other than English. Here are some examples from hockey pictures to inspire you:


But it doesn’t have to be in LOLSpeak (though those CRACK ME UP). They can just be funny captions:


There you have it, your inspiration.  I’m still laughing over these.  People are brilliant.  But no one is more brilliant than our readers. So go ahead and impress me. Here is your muse, courtesy of Carey Price and James Neal:



  1. No one? Not a single idea. Ok, I guess that is my cue to go back to just posting sexy photos……

  2. Scott Abuso says:

    “Couldn’t get a puck past Price, so i went in myself”

  3. Martha Hughes says:

    Tell the one about the guy and his pet frog in the bar again Carey, that one was really funny!!!

  4. LOL! Love them! Obviously I’m (Vicky) not eligible, but I came up with, “Pricey sez, sorry, I thot u wuz Prust.” (that’s for the Ranger fans out there, lol)

  5. MDZ4EVAA says:

    Price-less moments! …now Neal before me.

  6. rebeccaa says:

    how about “do these pants make my butt look big?”

  7. OMG, I love them! Keep ’em coming, folks! ;D

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