Supernatural Hockey Players

Posted: June 9, 2012 in Things We Love
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Hi everyone!

Hockey withdrawal yet?  Well, at least one more Kings/Devils (ugh!) game tonight, so that should help.

I’m gearing up for the True Blood Season 5 premier tomorrow night.

Any of you peeps Trubies too?  I don’t have high hopes for this season, but at this point, anything to get me through the summer until hockey season starts.  And so tomorrow, I’ll go to a friend’s house for a premier party (read: drinking really horrible-yet-potent vampire-themed drinks) and have a”supernatural” time.  Ha ha.  Sorry.

Which reminded me that during the playoffs, Nikki, our friend Maki, and I began to call Dan Girardi “Vampire Dan” every time his face came on screen. He was very beat up at this point, bruised, tired and pale.  Perfect vampire looks.  I will illustrate.


Vamps, Weres, Witches, Fairies, Shifters, Humans.


The sun hurts my eyes!

I can haz ur babiez 4 dinner?

Okay, I MAY have added the fangs there, but REALLY? I’m so right, right?? Credit to Maki for this, she started it…..

So, any other players you all think should join the True Blood cast?  Please feel free to comment to this post, and I may add them in….

For example, I’m thinking Brent Burns as a Were (werewolf):

This one mommy likes ;D

What do you guys think?



These have come in via Twitter as suggestions (and dang good ones) from @cjribhill (Merc!):

Bela Lugosi

Vampire Roberto Luongo



Werepanther from Hot Shot

Hansons from Slapshot



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