Un-sexy Saturday: Rangers pain vs. Devils lame

Posted: May 26, 2012 in Things We Don't Love
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It’s taken me all day to sit down to write this post.  This is the strangest I’ve ever felt as a fan after my team lost a championship game — numbness.

I’m usually a crier.  I get so emotionally involved in teams and players, that I think I feel the pain they feel when they lose.  Yes, I’m delusional. And probably need some kind of medication.

But seriously, the personal investment is big, and because of that, so is either the payoff, or the pain.

This year’s team was special to me. And to Nikki.  We fell in love with this particular group of guys. Year in and out, you root for your teams, but this one, this gang of brothers, felt different.  When Hank said in last night’s post-game interview he thought this was their year, because so many things happened that were special, even in the playoffs, as a player you hope it’s signs for something good.  And that when it’s over it’s such an empty feeling, a light bulb went on in my head.

Hank is amazing for so many reasons, and just one of them is that interview.  He had the balls to go and face the press after that loss.  The pain I saw on his face was enough to break my heart.  But it didn’t.  And I couldn’t understand why.  Then, because of Henrik, I understood it’s because I feel empty.

This season really filled up my life, as pathetic as that sounds.  It’s like you are this huge balloon filled with helium, and instead of being released in euphoria up into the skies, to eventually come down, yes — but only after an amazing ride — the air inside you was just whooshed out with the quickness  of being stabbed with a pin. It takes seconds to become an empty shell.

I still can’t really believe it.  Did we really lose?  Did it really happen last night? Was it a bad dream? Because this was our year, our special team, and even the ghosts of ’94 seemed to be on our side.

But they aren’t. And it did.

I wandered around the house today, getting back to some semblance of “normalcy,” and it felt weird.  And I’m still numb.  I think this is a defense mechanism, so I don’t turn into a bawling mess in the fetal position on the floor.  At least this is what I tell myself.  It sounds like good amateur psychology.  And here is some more: I will get over it.  It may take a while, but I will eventually move on.  And Ranger fans, you will too. For all the non-Ranger fans who read this blog, thanks very much for listening and letting me have my pity party here. I know you understand, you’ve been there yourselves.

Sexy Saturday is now on hiatus until the fall season begins.  I have some fun stuff planned to do this summer, so we won’t be rolling up the sidewalks. We were never about game analysis and stats anyway, so the summer won’t bother us much.  We’ll have some fun with Photoshop, post some more videos, discuss some interesting topics, and be on the lookout for summer photos of players in beach attire. ;D  But Sexy Saturday will come back — with players from all over the league — better than ever.  Well, I don’t know if I’ll be able to do any Jersey players.  I hold a mean grudge.

Not that any NJ Devils fans read this blog, but if you do, you may want to turn away. I’m about to do a little “UnSexy Saturday.” I warned you about the grudge.



This is what they are named after? It looks like an anorexic bat with a camel head. And toes ;P



It was bugging me all playoffs who he reminded me of.  Then last night, I figured it out:

I’ll illustrate it for you:

Am I right????



At first I thought, hmmm, maybe he’s a potato head too?  Nope, I thought, he’s this:

No illustration needed.


Know what will never get old?  THIS:

I could watch that all day.  Rupper for Secretary of Defense.


Okay, I’m done.  Normally I try to not be so biased here on the blog, and include all hockey fans, because those are the blogs I like to read.


But not today. Today is angry pity party day.


Until I see this.  This never gets old either, and always makes me smile.  I think I need that right now. Boyler?

Thanks, Buddy.  Thanks.



  1. Melissa says:

    This post put into words every single emotion I’ve had since last night (especially the comparison photos–spot on!). The only thing that gives me any hope is the fact the Kings will demolish the Devils and send them home empty handed and pathetic!

    • Aww, thanks for the read, Melissa. I appreciate it. I wanted the other Rangers fans out there to know that we aren’t alone in our misery, and you are right — that would be the most awesome ending to a bizarrely lucky Devils season! (oh, and I’m glad you liked the photos — they were very therapeutic for me, lol!!)

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