Posted: May 24, 2012 in Birthdays
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Today was the day the world was gifted with a talented hockey player, in Yaroslavl, Russia:

We love ya, Arty, and Boyler’s impersonations of you:

с днем рождения, or Happy Birthday, Artem!


Oh, yeah.  It’s Nikki’s birthday too. *yawn*  Ha ha, just kidding.


Arty wanted to share something with Nikki:

Aww, he’s so sweet.  Blow out the candles, you two!


Someone else has a card for you…..


He’s so thoughtful.  And it wasn’t easy for him. He was worried about his card when he talked to Nealer about it:


Wow!  Must be fun being you, Nik.  Hank wanted to wish you a happy birthday in person, but he’s too busy painting my toenails.  So he sends his regards.

But seriously, thanks for being the most awesome hockey-chica-sista and blog buddy in the “entire humoongoose universe, it’s so huge.”  This awesome blog post better be a good enough present for you.


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