Sexy Saturday: Brandon Prust

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Sexy Saturday
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It’s game 7 day here, time for….

This week it’s Nikki’s choice, and as discussed last week, it’s another Ranger. We’re doing Rangers from here on in, folks. Sit back and enjoy the Sexy ride.  And who is the driver this week?  Well, he’s sexy, of course, and he’s funny, Twitter savvy, a scrapper, and everyone’s best friend.  If I told you he has the second-best scruff next to The King, does that give it away? Yes, you guessed it, here is….



Vitals: Born March 16, 1984, London, ON, CAN. 6’0″, 192 lbs.  Girlfriend Maripier Morin.

Nickname(s): Prusty. In Prust We Trust.

Current team: New York Rangers. Left Wing (Forward). Shoots Left.

Fancy awards: During his junior career, he won an OHL and Memorial Cup Championship. April 7, 2011, was awarded the Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award.

Cool trivia: Has an uncle who was a Broadway actor, and he also enjoys going to Broadway shows in his spare time. Other interests include golf and watching baseball.  Likes to follow Dennis Leary on Twiiter. Loves to play Angry Birds on his iPad. Once gave his dad a John Deer riding mower for a Father’s Day gift. Had his jaw broken in 2008-2009 season after being elbowed by Cam Janssen. Favorite movies are Major League and Anchorman. A bit of a Fashionista, gives a lot of clothing advice to his team mates.

Brandon, what do you say you put on some of those fancy clothes, so we can get started?

Well, on second thought, you can just hang out naked.  We won’t mind.

But first, tell me what you think of my eyes.

Aww. *blush*  You charmer, you.  Just for that, I’m picking this best pics of you.  Here they are:



Seriously, the only photo I could find of him as a Coyote. Fighting. Typical.
(photo credit: Paul Bereswill/Getty Images)

Aww, draft day! June 26, 2004 — he looks so young!
(photo credit: Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

But not as young as here! Playing for the London Knights. I used this pic last week for Dan Girardi, but it was too good not to post again. The hair!! Loves it ;D


Here is a video from the above shoot. I was saving it until I’d “Sexy Satruday’d” every Ranger in it. Boyle, Richards, Girardi, Prust….mouthwatering.  This video proves they are the most gorgeous team in the NHL:

I love Prust — “I think that goes with your eyes.” “Boyler, I got yours. Nice pink. Wild salmon.”  The stylist obviously isn’t needed!!


Oh Broadway Hat, the stories you could tell. I’m so jealous of the heads you’ve sat on….*wink

Don’t know who the other dudes are on the right of this photo are, but who cares! Boyler, Richards, Eminger, and half-naked Prust!!

Twitter….it makes us do silly things. Luckily for us, it made Brandon post this UnderArmor pic.



If you are a Ranger fan, or if you’ve watched HBO’s 24/7, you know about Boyler and Prusty.  The cutest, sweetest thing since cotton candy and teddy bears. If you have not seen 24/7, the best clips of these two are on my Sexy Saturday of Brian Boyle (courtesy of Eeames), but do yourself a favor, and just go watch all four episodes.  Here’s just a small sample of this Bros Before Hoes friendship….

Our Super Awesome Post-Game Handshake

Okay, video time…

Prust in the boxing ring.  Hold onto your panties, ladies — he’s showing a lot of muscle and skin ;D

Here he is in Calgary, trying an alternate career? lol.

This one shows Brandon’s teasing personality. He’s mic’d up at practice.  The audio is pretty low, so turn up the volume.

Who else is gonna say, “I don’t know how you look at yourself in the mirror every day,” to Lundqvist?  Hysterical!

And speaking of Lundqvist, let’s do One-Degree-of-Henrik for this week.  Of course, as Prusty is a Ranger, this isn’t hard, so I’ve got three I’d like to share:

He’s a hugger.

He is indeed, Brandon.

Well, that’s it for today. Hopefully we have brought you the Sexy, and Prusty some great game mojo. Until next week, for another lip-licking edition! Right Prusty?

You betcha!

  1. Emily says:

    I like the Rangers as much as the next girl, but my #1 team is Montreal, and now he is ours! 😀

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