Happy Birthday, Brad Richards!

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Birthdays
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Broadway Brad turns 32 today.  And like the fine wines he enjoys, Brad is just getting better with age:

Mmmm, delicious vintage.

Hey, who wants a hug for their birthday?

Awww, thanks Dubi.  But I think Brad might have something in mind from the female persuasion.  So Nikki sent this wish from Texas:

Nice.  Oh, and she’s available for some club hopping and karaoke tonight too, Brad. What do you think?

Sounds like a plan.  But first, get a win for the Rangers tonight. That would be a great present.

“Yay, great win tonight, guys! Thanks for the awesome birthday. Now, time for karaoke!”


From Vicky and Nikki here at the 5-hole (heh heh) we wish you the Happiest of Birthdays, Brad!

We’ll leave you all with a 26-year-old-Brad, acting like a 15-year-old-Brad.  (I love this promo, it is hysterical):


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