Sexy Saturday: Carl Hagelin

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Sexy Saturday
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Hi Everyone, it’s time for…

It’s back to Vicky, and it’s another Ranger.  Not that Nikki disagrees with me.  We talked about it, and decided this was a special case.  The Rangers are one game away from elimination, and we can’t seem to figure out how to beat Ottawa without him.   Now with the dirty hit on Boyle, giving him a concussion and taking him out of the series , we need all the good mojo we can get.  And so this week we’re picking someone who could use a great big ol’ dose of luck, someone who got the short end of the hockey stick and will sit out his third (and LAST, thank God) game from a suspension this Saturday night.  Yes, I bring you:


Vitals: Born August 23, 1988, Södertälje, Sweden. 5’11″, 176 lbs.  Single.

Nickname(s): Hags, Swagelin.

Current team: New York Rangers. Left Wing. Shoots left.

Fancy awards: 2012 NHL Rookie All-Star, won Fastest Skater challenge. Um, did I mention he’s a rookie?  Lots of college awards from Michigan and CCHA, including finalist for Player of the Year (2010-2011), Best Defensive Forward Award (2010-11), All-CCHA First Team (2010-11), CCHA Champions (2009-10).

Cool trivia: Best trivia can be found on this video:

In the video…..he does a Picachu impersonation, he sings in Swedish, and at the very last second you glimpse the HOCKEY THIGHS, because he’s wearing shorts.  Excuse me while I go throw some ice water on myself. *thud*

Anywho, I’m back, and it’s time to talk turkey.  Or elbows.

For those of you who don’t know, on April 15th, Carl was given a three-game suspension for elbowing Daniel Alfredsson in the head.  Now, he did do it, but has said it was not intentional.  I believe him, and not just because I’m a Rangers fan. He has stated that Alfredsson is a Swedish hockey hero of his, and in earlier interviews I heard him say how excited he was to meet Alfredsson at the All-Star Game.  He would never mean to hurt him.  He texted Alfredsoon to apologize for the incident.  He has never had a major penalty in hockey, anywhere.  Obviously is not a repeat offender, as Carkner is (Shanahan’s words), who was only given a one-game suspension for targeting Brian Boyle for a fight in the same game.  But Shanahan doesn’t give a shit, and so Carl was PUT IN HOCKEY JAIL.

What did you think of this, Carl?

Carl doesn’t like.

Immediately, Ranger fans sprang into action:

What did you think of this, Carl?

Carl likes.

Tonight is the last game of the suspension. Then he gets one of these:

Like it? I made it. Feel free to use.

The next game he will play in will be April 23.  He better unleash the fucking fury.

*ahem* Language, ladies!

Now that we’ve Freed Hags, how about appreciating THE PRETTEH?

Carl likes.


"Are you there, Hockey God? Thanks for the Flow."

And, NO, this isn't your One-Degree-of-Henrik-Lundqvist! Though it totes could be! This is just ASG 2012.

This one is for Nikki. Hags and Richie.

This one is for Boyler. HEAL FAST!! ❤


Carl in a toque. Proud of me, Canadian readers?

This photo was the most skin I could find Carl flashing. We need to send him to the Kris Letang School of Shirtless Modeling.



2012 Casino Night. Carl just got carded. (j/k)


Showing just a tad more skin, and some nice arm muscles, gripping that Red Bull.

credit: Lon Horwedel |

Here you see the "icy-blue" eyes.

To find out what I mean by the above caption, and learn many other fun things about Carl, watch this video from his days at Michigan.  FUNNY STUFF:

His accent is a little thicker there. So cute!

If you are wanting some more Carl-on-video, here is a nice interview, from when he was with the Whale:

Okay, about ready to wrap this thing up with a good luck bow.  Just enough space to bring you this week’s One-Degree-of-Henrik-Lundqvist. Brought to you by the Swedish Maffia:

Swagelin, King Henrik, and er, just Anton Strålman at 2012 Casino Night. Is it something in the water, Sweden??

Thanks for stopping by for another edition.  Here’s hoping  Sexy Saturday alumnus Brian Boyle’s concussion isn’t serious, and that Hags can score like a madman to win it all for Boyler.

Carl likes.

  1. gypsygoo says:

    He looks like Ryan Gosling. And that is not a bad thing at all. :o)

  2. Lexi says:

    Pure perfection<3 love him. ❤

  3. Elsie says:

    omg gorgeous. he’s my favorite hockey player.

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