I’m Sorry, My Brain May Explode.

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Things We Don't Love
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Remember when I posted this?

Yeah, so that is still happening.  This week, I’ve been watching multiple games every night, Tweeting, reading Twitter, reading all the apps and blogs and articles and predictions, and watching pre-post-off day videos……gah!!  I would say it is too much, but I WUVS ITS!  Tonight I’m having the girls (Nikki and our friend Maki, and no, we don’t all belong to a club where our names rhyme, but it is kinda cool) over for food and the Rangers and Sharks games. I am frantically cleaning while I watch game previews.  And I was trying like mad to get this week’s Sexy Saturday done.  I was rushing, and then it occurred to me I didn’t want to rush, because this man deserves to be savored.  I’ve got some good stuff too, and I want to do it justice.  But I’ve simply run out of time today.  So I humbly beg you, my few but awesome and amazing readers, to forgive me for postponing Sexy Saturday until tomorrow.  I won’t change the name (really, is there anything sexy about Sundays?) but it will fall on that day. I was so late last week, I didn’t post until after midnight, so I guess I’m making a habit of this.  Again, my apologies.  But we WILL be up tomorrow, early.

In the mean time, I will try to leave you happy, with Carey Price and his bobblehead:

Canadiiens on Carey’s bobblehead (link to video)


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