Sexy Saturday: Dan Boyle

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Sexy Saturday
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Last Saturday of the regular season, NHLers! And time for…

Since Nikki has chosen two TB Lightning, and one former Lightning in Matt Gilroy, I thought it high time that I, Vicky, chose a Shark. Considering they managed not to choke, and made it into the playoffs, I figured this was a good time.  (side note: sorry this is late again, I was just watching my Sharks beat the Kings in OT, and this week’s Sexy Saturday had two goals, one being the game winner!! I think being S.S. is good luck!)

Now I love my guys, but they aren’t the prettiest team in the NHL.  We all know that’s the Rangers, followed by the Penguins. (I’m sure our Pens fans will hate me for that, but it’s my blog, ha ha). And then probably the Lightning, because the Shark that I judged worthy of a Sexy Saturday page is — you guessed it — a former Lightning.  Really, what gives?  Nikki loves this.  They need to import more Sexy to San Jose.  But in the meantime, I’m back to the scruffy love, and I give you:

Dan Boyle


Vitals: Born July 12, 1976, Ottawa, ON, Canada.  5’11″, 190 lbs.  Wife Amber, daughter Eastin Sky, son Wesley Ocean.

Nickname(s): Boyler. His teammates are so creative.

Current team: San Jose Sharks. Defense. Shoots right. Alternate Captain.

Fancy awards: 2004 Stanley Cup Champion (with Tampa Bay).  2005 World Championships Silver Medal (Canada).  2007, 2009 NHL Second All-Star Team.  2010 Olympic Gold Medal (Canada).

Cool trivia: Born on Bastille Day.  Is NOT related to Sexy Saturday alumnus Brian Boyle, yet both wear #22.  Growing up, Boyle attended French-speaking École élémentaire Ste-Anne and École Secondaire Publique De La Salle in Ottawa, and is consequently fluent in French.  Was undrafted by the NHL.  In September 2007, he injured himself in a freak accident after a pre-season game, when a skate slipped off a hook in his locker and hit him in the left wrist, severing three tendons.

On that fun note, let’s get to it.  Dan, show us those healed-wrist moves:


Dan the Civilian:

Calvin Klein never looked so good.

"Question for Dan: How are you so sexy?"

MC Tight T-shirt

"I'm sexy and I know it. I work out..."



Dan the Shark:


Ah, the scruffy up close.

Dan's not a muggle, he reads Harry Potter in the locker room! Smart = sexy.


Dan the Lightning:

Scruff lite.

With the Cup.

Oh to be a trophy right about now....


Dan the Team Canada:

Laser eyes of Gold Medal-ness.


Little Boyle!


Dan the Ugliest Woman Ever:

With his Boyfriend Patrick Marleau on Halloween. Again with the pinky pose?


Dan with Henrik: Did you think I forgot? How can I?  Hank is everywhere….

2009 All-Star Game. Boyle and Lundqvist face to face. *sigh*


Dan in Video:

This is from a series of promos the Sharks did.  Dan’s a commedian!  If he did the weather, I’d watch EVERY DAY.  Even if he missed the hurricane.

What is it with hockey players being weathermen? First Letang and Kennedy, now Boyle. I’m sure there are others I don’t know about.  Perhaps post-hockey career dreams? ;D

Dan Boyle parlez Franscais link!

Click red text for Dan doing an interview for French-Canadian tv.  Remember, he went to a French-speaking school. (there is a commercial first, so wait for the interview after.)  I know only basic French, and don’t know half of what he’s saying, but WHO CARES?! HE IS SPEAKING FRENCH, Y’ALL!  TRES, TRES SEXY!!  There are also other interviews with him on that site, if you want to hear him speak some more.  Between him and Letang, I’ve got to get Rosetta Stone and brush up on my French.

D’accord, that does it for another Sexy Saturday.  Again sorry it was late, but it was worth it to see Dan score those two amazing goals.  He seems pretty happy about everything.

Good night everyone! And boo hoo, so long to the NHL regular 2011-2012 Season.

  1. starsfan14 says:

    I’m not gonna lie I like seeing him in the Lightning’s jersey instead of the Shark’s, lol! Sorry Vicky!

  2. Ha Ha! I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t either, if I were you. It’s like I prefer Brad in the Rangers jersey rather than Stars….. ;D

    (ps. Texas Stars are winning tonight — woo hoo! I should post something…)

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