Sexy Saturday: Tom Pyatt

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Sexy Saturday
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Hi ho….it’s…..

Nikki chose another TB Lightning hottie……I’ll give her crap for that, but really, when they are this cute, can I really blame her?

This week’s Sexy Saturday is:

Tom Pyatt


Vitals: Born February 14, 1987, Thunder Bay (was he destined to be a Lightning??), ON, Canada.  5’11″, 181 lbs.  Longtime girlfriend, but no news after 2011, so unsure of current status.

Nickname(s): Bomber, Tom the Bomb, Py, Pyzey

Current team: Tampa Bay Lightning. Center. Shoots left.

Fancy awards: 2006, 2007 World Junior Championships (Canada) Gold.  2007 William Hanley Trophy (OHL most sportsmanlike player)

Cool trivia: He’s a Valentine’s baby!  His older brother by six years, Taylor Pyatt, is a Winger for the Phoenix Coyotes. His father is former NHL player Nelson Pyatt. Drives a Chevy Tahoe.

Let’s get to it! Ready Tom? Show us your movie-star turn.


Since we started with you as a Canadien, let’s continue.

Me....and my Canadien shaaaadow.....

Dear Diary, why am I so cute? It's ridiculous. Also, will I ever remember why I wore this huge watch?

Some thunder and Lightning:

Whatever is happening over there, isn't as cool as the sexy happening over here

Even his edges are cute

In March, getting his head shaved with Vinny and their team mates for Vinny Lecavalier's Cut for a Cure, to benefit the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. He's the one on the right. Cute with a shaved head, and a good guy, is our Tom!

When he was furry

Tom facing a Ranger goalie.....hey, Hank snuck in again! How does he do it....amazing...

Speaking of Rangers…..Tom was drafted as one:

I am sexy, therefore I had to be drafted first by the Sexiest Team in the NHL!! Duh!

Team Canada:


With best buddy, Marc Staal, and their gold medals.

Random cuteness:

hmmm, nice arms!

Only someone absolutely adorable could pull off this hat. Lucky for Tom, he is. And he does.

Random crowd shot? And why aren't they looking at him?

Hmmm, I'm seeing a pattern here....think Tom likes dark jackets with white shirts? Who cares, just stare at the blue eyes.

And to finish it all off, we have some videos.

Here’s a super-cute video of la famille Pyatt:
Pyatt family video link

And a cool “day in the life” video from when he was with Montreal:

Now, wasn’t Sexy Saturday fun, Tom?

Just as fun as getting smushed by Subban! Hee hee!

And on that smushy note, thanks for checking out this week’s Sexy Saturday, and we hope to see you next week. G’night!


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