Sexy Saturday: Brian Boyle

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Hotties, Sexy Saturday
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It’s Saturday night (actually early Sunday!), so it must be time for the sexy….

Sorry I’m so late. I was out of town all day, and this sucker took me forever! So many lovely pictures and videos to look at for research….

This week it’s my turn again, and I’ve got another Ranger.  See, they have a disproportionate amount of sexy on that team, so it is only fitting that they get more Blog time.

Can we just talk about HBO’s 24/7 for a second?  This show is some kind of magical crack.  It miraculously made me a fan of some Penguins, and some Capitals, and some Flyers (I still have a hard time believing that).  And it was pure gold when it came to the Rangers.  It was especially 24 karat when it came to this week’s Sexy Saturday player. It made me go totally bonkers for Mr…….



Vitals: Born December 18, 1984, Hingham, MA, USA. 6’7″ (holey mackrel!), 244 lbs.  Girlfriend only.

Nickname(s): “They asked me what my nickname was after I came over from L.A., and they called me Big Rig there, but the guys here thought I was making it up. So you know that episode in Seinfeld where George just makes up his own name and wants to go by T-Bone? Well, they started calling me T-Bone for that very reason.” Also, all the last-name ones: Boyler, Boylesy, Boyles.

Current team: New York Rangers. Center. Shoots left.

Fancy awards: 2007-08 AHL All-Rookie Team.

Cool trivia: Seventh of thirteen children (omg!). Scored three goals in his first four NHL games (with the LA Kings). Does impersonations (good ones) and is very funny. Favorite movie is Grease. Favorite meal is steak and potatoes, and favorite ice cream is chocolate chip. First job was a Rec Camp Counselor, for street hockey.

Now, for the first gem from HBO’s 24/7…..Brian, flash us some “peace” to get things started:

Hockey Player

BAMF pose

6'7" of hockey player.
(This awesome photo was taken by Michele. Here is her blog Check it out!)

"my angel is a centerfold...."

Oh yeah, your ass is mine



Only a real man can rock a purple velvet jacket

Baby Boyle!



With a muppet on NHL Live

Boyler lost a Super Bowl bet...being from Boston, he's a Patriots fan....

And this little gem:

is from a show called “Beginnings: Brian Boyle” that MSG network aired. It is AWESOME.  You can (and should!!) see it here:

I only wish I could link the whole 24/7 series here, or even the episodes with Brian featured.  But I do have gifs, and clips!

First off, Boyle and Prust are roomies, and the cameras caught their afternoon pre-game nap. Eeames (check out the awesome blog here) made that scene into a series of gifs with captions.  Brian’s words are white, Brandon’s are yellow.  Oh, the awesomeness of it……

Yes, he naps NAKED.  Hold on, I just fell off my chair.

But nothing, NOTHING is better than the ugly sweater party, where Brian is BUDDY the elf.  Thank god there is a clip of this on YouTube.  YOU MUST WATCH:

Right? Did I lie? Is that not the funniest thing ever?  You all know I love goofy-sexy (see: Carey Price), and Brian’s got it in spades.  A 6’7″ elf….I can’t even…..

And all that sexy just about wraps us up for another week. Only one thing left to take care of, and it is easy, since Brian and Henrik Lundqvist play on the same team.  But instead of a game pic, I chose a photo of them off the ice, which is also from that crack-like-show-24/7, where they take some underprivileged kids to see the Rockettes:

Henrik is everywhere. He’s like oxygen.

So long, everyone, until next Saturday!

  1. Michele says:

    The photo of Brian at center ice is mine. I have no problem if you use it. Would like for you to credit me for it. I also know who made thr gifs you used if you’d like to give them credit.

    • You got it 😀 Always happy to give credit. When I fish for images, often just get them off random places, so it is hard to find. Yes please, send info about the gifs, would love to give credit. You can msg me on Twitter if you don’t want to post it here publicly. Or email.
      Thanks for reading ;D

  2. Michele says:

    This is great! Thank you. I couldn’t find your email… Maybe I’m not looking in the right place. I’ll DM you on twitter. Great blog. Thanks again.

  3. eeames says:

    hi! made the series of gifs of brian and brandon changing 🙂

  4. Melissa says:

    I think this blog is awesome! I love how clever it is and the information you provide on the players!! Thank you for featuring Boyle, I love him!!

  5. Hi Melissa! No, THANK YOU for reading and commenting. So glad you like it!
    I just adore Boyle. He will definitely be one of our repeat guys in the future. And we do take requests, just feel free to email us at
    Thanks again, Vicky

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