Awesome Alert: King Henrik in NHL Stanley Cup promo!!

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Goalies, News, Things We Love
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People, there is a new video out starring none other than the King.  Let me just have a moment.


Okay, I’m good.

The NHL has done a series of promos for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and they were clever/cool/amazeballs enough to do one featuring Henrik Lundqvist.  Because he’s A BOSS.  Here is the link (since the NHL site doesn’t allow you to embed — which stinks):

Because it’s the Cup: Lundqvist

There are some other cool ones on there: the Sedins, Datsyuk, as well as The NYRangers. (The ASS-Tim-Thomas has one, but we will ignore it)  There’s a funny one about the Cup itself — it always cracks me up that they carry it in a nuclear bomb-proof case and handle with white gloves, when you hear the crazy places it’s been.

Anyway, thought I’d pass on the link/video, and happy viewing pleasure. I’m sure you’ll get to see it as soon as I’m done hogging all the bandwidth watching Hankie over and over.

(speaking of which, I just watched Henrik’s episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel today, and THERE ARE NO WORDS.   GAH.  I will blog about it after I can stop hyperventilating like a teenage Twilight fanatic.  But FYI, if you have HBO, WATCH THIS LATEST EPISODE!!!)



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