Sexy Saturday: James Neal

Posted: March 18, 2012 in Sexy Saturday
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It’s your late, late, late St. Patrick’s Day edition of…

This week, Nikki picked (totally unintentionally, but it worked out great) a Canadian laddie of Irish decent.  Because of the holiday, I allowed it.  Because really, ANOTHER Penguin?  Two weeks in a row? I haven’t even done two Rangers in a row, and they’ve got the prettiest team out there. Plus, the Pens beat our Rangers this week, so I’m in a bit of a pissy mood.  But this guy is so cute, I’m sure he’ll use his lucky charms to get me out of it. So I give to you:



Vitals: Born September 3, 1987, City of Oshawa, ON, Canada. 6’2″, 208 lbs.  Single. (no one with a girlfriend would have a house empty of furniture)

Nickname(s): Neal says, “just Nealer,” but others are popular with fans and team mates: The Real Deal, Jimmy, James Fucking Neal.

Current team: Pittsburgh Penguins. Left Wing. Shoots left.

Fancy awards: 2007 World Junior Championships (Canada) Gold.  2012 NHL All-Star Game.

Cool trivia: According to his NHL 36 special, his favorite color is purple.  He only washes his hair once a week, because he is afraid of losing it, so wants to keep the natural “grease” in.  Lives across the street from Paul Martin (who will make him eggs for breakfast).   His younger brother, Michael Neal, plays in the Stars organization.

Okay, James, let’s pour some Irish wine(?) and get this party started.

On, the name Neal is originally Gaelic, spelled O’Neill, which means descendent of Niall, a personal name of Irish origin, thought to mean “champion.” What a great name for a hockey player, and this Neal is so amazingly talented, he’s sure to be a Stanley Cup Champion one day.  Here’s the crest, for those of you interested, though it isn’t really sexy:


But enough of that St. Paddy’s Day stuff. Bring on the Sexy!

Is it wrong that I love where the word "toy" lands twice?

licking lips! *thud*

Only picture I could find where James shows some skin. Not sure it qualifies as sexy, but it sure is dorky-cute!


As a Penguin:

Smile for the fangirls!

Blue Penguins have adorable curls, and sexy scruff.


As a Star:


As a Plymouth Whaler (OHL):

Cute baby Nealer -- awwww!


Now, if any of you have seen Nealer’s NHL 36 (you can watch it here:

and I suggest you do, it is great!!) episode, you know it was dedicated mostly to his hair.  And so we will dedicate the rest of Sexy Saturday to his hair. Seems only fair. (couldn’t resist the rhyme. Perhaps it is some Irish lyricist coming out in me)

So James, it seems your hair is getting a bit long, and you have to shake it out of your eyes.


And your sexy, scruff is perhaps a bit long too.


Perhaps some hedgehog grooming is in order.


Too much?

Yeah. Try again.


Much better.


Wooo! I'm sexy and I know it.....I work out....

So James managed to charm me into loving him too, and Nikki is ready to fly to Pittsburgh to being stalking him in earnest.  Well done, Mr. Neal. Well done.

And that does it for this week’s S.S. (now Sunday, sorry!!) except for one thing……6 degrees of Henrik Lundqvist…

This one's a bit of a stretch, but they're both in there. King Henrik is on the red line, and I'm not sure, but Neal looks like he's the second one in from the left, kneeling (no pun intended). Anyway, they are BOTH THERE TOGETHER. FREAKY.


Nite everyone!


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