Tim Thomas Is an Ass…..Again

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Things We Don't Love
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You may recall in the early days of this blog (ok, like 2 months ago) I blogged about Tim Thomas blowing off the White House and his team mates in a petulant display of disrespect. Now, I try not to dis teams other than my own, so as to not offend any readers (unless I’m giving Nikki a hard time), and the same goes for politics. I don’t want to alienate the three readers I have (lol).  However, I can’t let this latest Thomas infringement pass.  And I have the ok from my Boston fans here to totally dis this idiot. So here goes.

Kevin DeLury (@TheNYRBlog) alerted me with this Tweet today:

So I clicked the link to a CBS Boston article, in which Thomas blames his loss Sunday to the lack of light in MSG.

Thomas was asked by the Boston Herald if he is ready for the increased workload that awaits if backup Tuukka Rask is injured significantly.

“Yeah,” he told the Herald. “Especially if I go to an arena with lights.”

Funny how this doesn’t seem to affect Vezina-candidate goalie Henrik Lundqvist, nor any of the goalies who have managed to win in the Garden this season. I mean, it couldn’t possibly be due to Thomas having a bad night, or just plain sucking between the pipes lately.  So I thought I’d help you all out, and show you two possible reasons Thomas can’t see the puck.

Reason 1:

He’s actually blind.

Reason 2:

Rangers had special pucks made for this game.


And there you have it. The REAL reasons Boston lost on Sunday.  No worries, Tim, I got your back.  You ass.


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