Sexy Saturday: Matt Gilroy

Posted: March 3, 2012 in Sexy Saturday, Things We Love
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Yup, it’s….

Nikki’s choice this week is in mourning/protest/response to a certain trade that her Lightening made just at the deadline. And as he’s a former Ranger, I feel her pain. So this week, we bring you the brand-new Ottawa Senator….



Vitals: Born July 30, 1984, North Bellmore, NY, USA. Yay, our first American!! 6’2″, 195 lbs. Unknown romantic status.

Nickname(s): Gilly

Current team: Ottawa Senators. Defense. Shoots right.

Fancy awards: 2009 Hobey Baker Award (Boston U), 2009 NCAA Championship (Boston U), First All-American Team, 2008 and 2009.

Cool trivia: Matt is one of eight children (two died young).  He wears the number 97 in remembrance of his deceased brother Timmy, who died as the result of a bicycle accident at eight years old. Separated by 13 months, Matt and Timmy played on the same hockey teams growing up and wore the numbers 98 and 97, respectively, in homage to Wayne Gretzky. “Two of my brothers died when I was a child, and my favorite uncle died when I was a teenager. They taught me how to live by inspiring me to play as hard as I can. Before each play, I tap my chest three times: once for each of them.”  His father is a member of the St. John’s Basketball Hall of Fame, who was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers.


Are you ready to go, Gilly?

Fist bump me, MDZ.

Let’s do it. We’ll go in descending age, so starting with his fresh-off-the-interewebs-Senators-pix….

Hockey flow

Serious cute face! And I LOVE the scruff.



with Dominic Moore and Teddy Purcell. I want to ruffle his goldie locks

Gotta love a flexible hottie. Can you do some push-ups now?

The helmet interferes with my sexy hockey flow goldie locks.

suited up



I love NY

Wow, this uniform really brings out the blue in my eyes


Boston University….

Hey baby, what's up?

My god, the eyes!! This is the photo that did Nikki in. Not surprised!

Getting the Hobey Baker Award


And lastly, the cutest kid (next to Cowboy Carey Price)…..

Matt is the one in the Bruins jersey. Awww!


okay, folks, that’s it for this week’s Sexy Saturday.  Gilly wants to wave good-bye:

Hank sneaked in again? He can't stand not being the S.S. every week....

  1. Also, did I mention that I was at the bowling event that you gif’d above? 🙂 I took my friend Laurel, who said of Gilroy: “I want to take him home and make him afraid of women.” I’m so pissed they no longer do Blueshirts United events like this.

    • No, you didn’t mention it, but by now I know that you are at all the coolest things! 🙂 That’s awesome. And yes, it sucks they don’t do that any more. But maybe it’s because Laurel made them afraid — hahaha.

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