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It’s Saturday night (actually early Sunday!), so it must be time for the sexy….

Sorry I’m so late. I was out of town all day, and this sucker took me forever! So many lovely pictures and videos to look at for research….

This week it’s my turn again, and I’ve got another Ranger.  See, they have a disproportionate amount of sexy on that team, so it is only fitting that they get more Blog time.

Can we just talk about HBO’s 24/7 for a second?  This show is some kind of magical crack.  It miraculously made me a fan of some Penguins, and some Capitals, and some Flyers (I still have a hard time believing that).  And it was pure gold when it came to the Rangers.  It was especially 24 karat when it came to this week’s Sexy Saturday player. It made me go totally bonkers for Mr…….



Vitals: Born December 18, 1984, Hingham, MA, USA. 6’7″ (holey mackrel!), 244 lbs.  Girlfriend only.

Nickname(s): “They asked me what my nickname was after I came over from L.A., and they called me Big Rig there, but the guys here thought I was making it up. So you know that episode in Seinfeld where George just makes up his own name and wants to go by T-Bone? Well, they started calling me T-Bone for that very reason.” Also, all the last-name ones: Boyler, Boylesy, Boyles.

Current team: New York Rangers. Center. Shoots left.

Fancy awards: 2007-08 AHL All-Rookie Team.

Cool trivia: Seventh of thirteen children (omg!). Scored three goals in his first four NHL games (with the LA Kings). Does impersonations (good ones) and is very funny. Favorite movie is Grease. Favorite meal is steak and potatoes, and favorite ice cream is chocolate chip. First job was a Rec Camp Counselor, for street hockey.

Now, for the first gem from HBO’s 24/7…..Brian, flash us some “peace” to get things started:

Hockey Player

BAMF pose

6'7" of hockey player.
(This awesome photo was taken by Michele. Here is her blog Check it out!)

"my angel is a centerfold...."

Oh yeah, your ass is mine



Only a real man can rock a purple velvet jacket

Baby Boyle!



With a muppet on NHL Live

Boyler lost a Super Bowl bet...being from Boston, he's a Patriots fan....

And this little gem:

is from a show called “Beginnings: Brian Boyle” that MSG network aired. It is AWESOME.  You can (and should!!) see it here:

I only wish I could link the whole 24/7 series here, or even the episodes with Brian featured.  But I do have gifs, and clips!

First off, Boyle and Prust are roomies, and the cameras caught their afternoon pre-game nap. Eeames (check out the awesome blog here) made that scene into a series of gifs with captions.  Brian’s words are white, Brandon’s are yellow.  Oh, the awesomeness of it……

Yes, he naps NAKED.  Hold on, I just fell off my chair.

But nothing, NOTHING is better than the ugly sweater party, where Brian is BUDDY the elf.  Thank god there is a clip of this on YouTube.  YOU MUST WATCH:

Right? Did I lie? Is that not the funniest thing ever?  You all know I love goofy-sexy (see: Carey Price), and Brian’s got it in spades.  A 6’7″ elf….I can’t even…..

And all that sexy just about wraps us up for another week. Only one thing left to take care of, and it is easy, since Brian and Henrik Lundqvist play on the same team.  But instead of a game pic, I chose a photo of them off the ice, which is also from that crack-like-show-24/7, where they take some underprivileged kids to see the Rockettes:

Henrik is everywhere. He’s like oxygen.

So long, everyone, until next Saturday!


People, there is a new video out starring none other than the King.  Let me just have a moment.


Okay, I’m good.

The NHL has done a series of promos for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and they were clever/cool/amazeballs enough to do one featuring Henrik Lundqvist.  Because he’s A BOSS.  Here is the link (since the NHL site doesn’t allow you to embed — which stinks):

Because it’s the Cup: Lundqvist

There are some other cool ones on there: the Sedins, Datsyuk, as well as The NYRangers. (The ASS-Tim-Thomas has one, but we will ignore it)  There’s a funny one about the Cup itself — it always cracks me up that they carry it in a nuclear bomb-proof case and handle with white gloves, when you hear the crazy places it’s been.

Anyway, thought I’d pass on the link/video, and happy viewing pleasure. I’m sure you’ll get to see it as soon as I’m done hogging all the bandwidth watching Hankie over and over.

(speaking of which, I just watched Henrik’s episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel today, and THERE ARE NO WORDS.   GAH.  I will blog about it after I can stop hyperventilating like a teenage Twilight fanatic.  But FYI, if you have HBO, WATCH THIS LATEST EPISODE!!!)


It’s your late, late, late St. Patrick’s Day edition of…

This week, Nikki picked (totally unintentionally, but it worked out great) a Canadian laddie of Irish decent.  Because of the holiday, I allowed it.  Because really, ANOTHER Penguin?  Two weeks in a row? I haven’t even done two Rangers in a row, and they’ve got the prettiest team out there. Plus, the Pens beat our Rangers this week, so I’m in a bit of a pissy mood.  But this guy is so cute, I’m sure he’ll use his lucky charms to get me out of it. So I give to you:



Vitals: Born September 3, 1987, City of Oshawa, ON, Canada. 6’2″, 208 lbs.  Single. (no one with a girlfriend would have a house empty of furniture)

Nickname(s): Neal says, “just Nealer,” but others are popular with fans and team mates: The Real Deal, Jimmy, James Fucking Neal.

Current team: Pittsburgh Penguins. Left Wing. Shoots left.

Fancy awards: 2007 World Junior Championships (Canada) Gold.  2012 NHL All-Star Game.

Cool trivia: According to his NHL 36 special, his favorite color is purple.  He only washes his hair once a week, because he is afraid of losing it, so wants to keep the natural “grease” in.  Lives across the street from Paul Martin (who will make him eggs for breakfast).   His younger brother, Michael Neal, plays in the Stars organization.

Okay, James, let’s pour some Irish wine(?) and get this party started.

On, the name Neal is originally Gaelic, spelled O’Neill, which means descendent of Niall, a personal name of Irish origin, thought to mean “champion.” What a great name for a hockey player, and this Neal is so amazingly talented, he’s sure to be a Stanley Cup Champion one day.  Here’s the crest, for those of you interested, though it isn’t really sexy:


But enough of that St. Paddy’s Day stuff. Bring on the Sexy!

Is it wrong that I love where the word "toy" lands twice?

licking lips! *thud*

Only picture I could find where James shows some skin. Not sure it qualifies as sexy, but it sure is dorky-cute!


As a Penguin:

Smile for the fangirls!

Blue Penguins have adorable curls, and sexy scruff.


As a Star:


As a Plymouth Whaler (OHL):

Cute baby Nealer -- awwww!


Now, if any of you have seen Nealer’s NHL 36 (you can watch it here:

and I suggest you do, it is great!!) episode, you know it was dedicated mostly to his hair.  And so we will dedicate the rest of Sexy Saturday to his hair. Seems only fair. (couldn’t resist the rhyme. Perhaps it is some Irish lyricist coming out in me)

So James, it seems your hair is getting a bit long, and you have to shake it out of your eyes.


And your sexy, scruff is perhaps a bit long too.


Perhaps some hedgehog grooming is in order.


Too much?

Yeah. Try again.


Much better.


Wooo! I'm sexy and I know it.....I work out....

So James managed to charm me into loving him too, and Nikki is ready to fly to Pittsburgh to being stalking him in earnest.  Well done, Mr. Neal. Well done.

And that does it for this week’s S.S. (now Sunday, sorry!!) except for one thing……6 degrees of Henrik Lundqvist…

This one's a bit of a stretch, but they're both in there. King Henrik is on the red line, and I'm not sure, but Neal looks like he's the second one in from the left, kneeling (no pun intended). Anyway, they are BOTH THERE TOGETHER. FREAKY.


Nite everyone!

So, who had a triumphant return from a concussion to play against the Rangers tonight? Crosby?

"OMG, no."

That’s right, Tanger, it wasn’t Cindy….it was YOU!

Now, Crosby did play his allotted 15 minutes, and got an assist….he looked ok, however I thought Kunitz and Malkin were more effective.  But Letang lead the team in ice time with 24 minutes, and was a +5.  Yup. Like a boss.  Even if it was against my Rangers (waaaa).

Tanger, since most of the media are covering Crosby, I’m giving you some blog time to do a little well-deserved shoulder-pumpin’


Meanwhile, Hankie, get some bed rest to beat your flu — we need you healthy! (oh, and if you need a nurse, I’m totally free.)

Lundqvist out against Crosby link
So, no Hankie, Cally, or DZ. It’s the right call, no matter how much I wanted my match-up. No sense in risking Hankie this close to playoffs, with a slot pretty much in the bag. We’re both trying to be unselfish about this, and do what’s right for the team. Ok, at least he is. I’m gonna pout.

Until Letang skates out. Heh heh.

So let’s go Rangers, Biron, Richards, and Gabby, and scratch out a win!

Sharks losing streak link
Speaking of wins, my Sharks need to find some, or they’re –pardon the pun — dead in the water.

I have nothing against the Pittsburgh Penguins. I respect the team. I think the coach is amazing, and a nice guy.  They have my Tanger.  Heck, even my high school mascot was a penguin (don’t ask, we were college prep and got the mascot from a book publisher — i.e., we were nerds who got our asses kicked).

But what I hate about the Penguins is scheduled to turn up like a bad penny on Thursday night against my Rangers: Crosby.

No disrespect to Pens fans out there who love him. I don’t know who you are — all my friends who are Pens fans hate him.  But I’m sure you’re out there, and though I don’t understand you, I think a peaceful coexistence is possible.

Except on this Thursday. And any time we (Rangers) play him in the post-season. Then it’s gloves off.

Here’s the thing; I think he’s a crybaby and a girl (wait, that reflects badly on me), gets away with penalties no one else would because they won’t call them on him, and is the best embellish-er out there.  Still, I could ignore that. To each is own, and all that, and I’m sure Cindy fans could point out to me all his lovely qualities.

But no one — I repeat, no one — messes with my Hankie.  Just so Cindy knows for Thursday.  Fair warning. I made Tim Thomas a blind man in Photoshop, I can mess you up.

This is the best video ever:

I love this. Even the Pens announcers say he bought the penalty. (btw, Lundqvist chirping at Crosby is NOT unsportsman-like conduct. And hitting a goalie IS a penalty. Sid was sent to the sin bin for this one). See, you don’t mess with my Hankie. He’s got his blue Swedish eyes on you, #87, so no Hollywood dramatics please (did you see the look on Sid’s face? jeez).

I predict lots of penalty calls on the Rangers, as they won’t be afraid to check Crosby, and the refs won’t be afraid to call them on even the slightest bump.  Here’s a quote from the NY Times: “It’s always fun to go up against the best player,” Hagelin said. “We just have to make sure all our emotion is in the right place and it doesn’t lead to us taking penalties. We have to treat every guy like we treat everyone else — get in their face, block shots, hit them hard and clean.”  We’ll see if the calls are clean. At least it’s at the Garden, so that may help.

If I’m Malkin, I’m hating this return.  With Crosby out, he’s had a chance to shine and really lead his team, as the captain they deserve.  I think he’ll win the Hart Trophy (though Stamkos is still in it, I think Steven will get the Rocket Richard and Geno will get the Hart), if Crosby doesn’t figure out a way to steal all his thunder.  Malkin’s an amazing player.

Lundqvist is still a possible scratch Thursday, due to flu, and Del Zotto and Captain Callahan are also day-to-day because of injury.  We need them back for this game. I may have to sacrifice a Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Desperate times, y’all.

On another note, Kris Letang is also looking like a return from injury on Thursday night. Not that anyone has noticed amid all the OMGCROSBYISBACK hoopla, but mon amour Tanger has been skating with the team and feeling [looking!] good. He was out five games for “concussion-like symptoms” after a Dallas hit, and if he still feels good on Thursday, he’s in.  Which is great for him and the Pens. And for my viewing pleasure.

But no matter.  I will still be screaming, “LET’S GO RANGERS!” and texting Nikki furiously throughout the game.  Standings aside, this is a huge game.

Here we go…

This week is back to Vicky, and my love of scruffy stubble and luscious locks. So I bring you:


Vitals: Born April 24, 1987, Montreal, QC, Canada. Yay, another Canadienne-Française!  6’0″, 201 lbs. Beaucoup de petites amies (lots of little girlfriends).

Nickname(s): Tanger (real full name is Kristopher)

Current team: Pittsburgh Penguins. Defense. Shoots right.

Fancy awards: 2006 & 2007 World Junior Championships (Canada) Gold(s). 2008 Pittsburgh Penguins Rookie of the Year. 2009 Stanley Cup champion. 2008 & 2009 NHL Youngstars Game. 2011 & 2012 NHL All-Star Game.

Cool trivia: Played on Gold-Medal Winning Team Canada as captain in the World Juniors, along with team mates Carey Price (S.S. alumnus) and Jonathan Toews. Lost one of his closest friends, Luc Bourdon, who was a defenseman for the Vancouver Canucks, in a motorcycle accident in 2008. Kris was planning on buying a motorcycle, but decided against it following the death of Bourdon, which occurred when Letang was playing in the Stanley Cup finals. He has a tattoo in memory of Bourdon, which I’ll post below.

What a beautiful bicep. Er, I mean, tribute.

Ready to go, Tanger? Wink if you’re ready to go.

We’ll start with Monsieur Hockey….


Cherie, our eyes met across a crowded arena...

I will show you my perfect pects, as I lift Lord Stanley's Cup.

Here, Tanger shares with us how he prepares his stick. It is très charmant!

Monsieur Business….

French hockey mafia?

I don't know what this is, just that I should have been there to slap fingers with Tanger.

Oui? You like mon chapeau?

Monsieur Hair…..

eet blowz in ze weend...


hockey flow at its finest

hair in action:

and finally, Monsieur HOT BODY….

In case you are wondering how he got that body, here is a video of him WORKING OUT. (oh holy jesus)

Are you exhausted? I’m exhausted. Tanger is sure exhausted:

I guess we should end it right now, before anyone gets hurt.  From spontaneous panty combustion. Or whatever.

Just one more thing.  Yeah, you guessed it. Hankie made it in again — tricky bastard:

King Henrik is everywhere. It is 6 degrees of separation!