Sexy Saturday: Carey Price

Posted: February 25, 2012 in Goalies, Sexy Saturday
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Get ready for more Goalie love…..’cause it’s….

This week’s choice is back to me. I’ve had a few requests via Facebook from some lovely ladies, and I will get to them, I swear, but Nikki and I have a few we need to get out of our systems first, so bear with us.

Which brings me back to my guy.  Now, if you follow the blog, you’ll know I’ve already given some megabytes to this goalie (sorry for another goalie, but I love those guys!), so this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. And since he plays for Montreal, I’ll get the translator to say….mon choix pour cette semaine est monsieur…..



Vitals: Born August 16, 1987, Anahim Lake, BC, Canada. 6’3″, 221lbs. Single, as far as I know.

Nickname(s): Jesus Price, Price is Right, Pricey.

Current team: Montreal Canadiens. Goaltender. Catches left.

Fancy awards: 2007 World Junior Championships (Canada) Gold.  2007, CHL Goaltender of the Year Award, & the Jack A. Butterfield Trophy (Calder Cup MVP) in CHL.  2008 NHL All-Rookie Team.  NHL All-Star 2009, 2011, 2012.

Cool trivia: His father, Jerry Price, was also a goaltender; he was drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers in the eighth round, 126th overall in the 1978 NHL Amateur Draft. His mother, Lynda, is the former chief of the Ulkatcho First Nation.  Phoenix Coyotes’ captain Shane Doan and Keaton Ellerby of the Florida Panthers are second cousins of his. Carey was named as an honorary co-chair at the 2010 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships that were held in Ottawa, Ontario in May 2010. According to The Hockey News, “In warmer months, Price bops around his home province on the British Columbia Rodeo Association circuit taking part in the team roping event with his buddy Wade McNolty.”

Carey really has three personalities: the Sexy Hockey player, the Cowboy, and my favorite, the Funny Dork.  So I thought I’d break up the post into those three categories.

The Sexy Hockey Player

Let’s start out with some video, shall we?

Harry Rosen . Carey Price from Spot Cinema on Vimeo.

If that hasn’t gotten your knickers in a twist, I don’t know what will. And that belt buckle makes an appearance here later, don’t you worry.

Enrique Iglesias has nothing on me...

Real men wear purple and paisley. And dimples

2012 All-Star Game, Team Chara. Dimples return!

How you doin'?

Game face

The Cowboy

Hold on to your ovaries, ladies! That's Cute Baby Carey Cowboy!

Hold on to your panties, ladies! That's Cute Grown-up Carey Cowboy!

As promised, the Buckle returns

Close-up to show detail of The Buckle. Not his crotch. No really.

The Funny Dork

Who could forget my “Pretty sexy Oreo cookie?”

Best "dork face" evah!

Yay, more video! Here he pranks reporters:

Hockey gear doesn't smell. No really

A Canadiens Halloween party. Carey is third from the left. THE THIGHS, people. THE THIGHS!

….I hope all of  that IS ENOUGH for you people, because I’m exhausted ;D

I shall leave you with a video of Carey being funny, and awesome, and sexy at the 2012 All-Star Game, and say to you all , “Au revoir, jusqu’à la semaine prochaine, mes amis très sexy!”

(I don’t know how Lundqvist manages to get in on everyone else’s Sexy Saturday, but he is in this video right after Carey.  Just sayin’. If you want to keep watching. For more sexy goalie.)

  1. Emily says:

    Another reason to love the Montreal Canadiens! Love your site(this post especially) 😀

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