“Happy Valentine’s Day, Boston.” Love, King Henrik

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Goalies, News, Things We Love
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Okay, if you haven’t figured it out by now — I’m insane for Henrik Lundqvist.  This is a relatively new affliction, but that does not lessen its severity. Poor Nikki must tolerate this from me, but she’s gotten some contact symptoms, because she likes him too.  So what I’m trying to say is, a lot of my posts will have him in it. Not all, but a lot.  If that annoys you, sorry, next blog, please ;D

Which brings me to tonight….

3-0 Rangers win over Boston (sorry, Susan, though it was a great game from both teams).  Henrik blocks 42 shots, gets his 7th shutout this season, leading the NHL.  His last seven games he’s had  a 1.26 goals-against-average and two shutouts. The term “Lundsanity” — a play off Knick’s “Lindsanity”  —  is actually trending worldwide on Twitter.  And #HenrikLundqvist is actually trending on Twitter in Austin. Nikki and I take full credit.

Click on the video to see Hank getting piled on in the net, but he still keeps the puck out — while on his back! It is hard to see, though, so hopefully you can pick it out:


So tonight, he gets the “Broadway Hat.”  This is a tradition on the Rangers team this year, where the fedora they brought back from Europe this summer is given by the players to the guy who had the best night, or most significant play, etc. to wear in the locker room for post-game interviews:

Even this hat can't make me ugly

But somehow, this image didn’t seem quite enough to me. So I fixed it.


That’s right. All Hail, ME!  Happy Valentine’s Day, I just held a clinic on how to be a BAMF.  Eat my shorts, Cupid.


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