Posted: February 9, 2012 in Hotties, Things We Don't Love, Things We Love
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Tonight was an epic showdown between my beloved Lightning and Rangers. The game was neck and neck the entire time. Vicky and I thought about going to watch the game but since neither of us have the NHL network it really put a damper on that. Lucky for us the next rematch is March 2nd which is also Henrik’s birthday.

Game Highlights

The only things missing from tonight was a goal from St. Louis and Henrik in net for the Rangers, but seeing he’s face uncovered for an entire game is magical.

Photo Highlights:

What else is better than Boyle and Gilroy side by side? And how adorable is Brad?

I am heart-broken that it was a Lightning loss but at least they lost to my second team, who I feel are really on their way to the playoffs and ideally not the Stanley Cup, that I will always wish for the Lightning.

  1. Awww, I felt for you, Sweetie. Still, either way, one of your team wins, right? And you’ve got Tortorella in NYC now too. Luckily my two teams don’t play each other….

    I love that pic of Brad. “How you doin’?” lol ;D

    Bring on March 2nd!


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