Tim Thomas Is An Ass

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Things We Don't Love

Regardless of his political beliefs, Thomas should have gone for his teammates, and seen it as an honor as an American, from the Office of the President of the United States .  Instead, Mr. “I want to be on Glenn Beck’s show” blew it off, when the whole freakin’ team — none of whom are  American but two — went.  My brother was invited by President Bush to the White House, and though he did not agree with his politics, nor did he like the man in particular, he still went and considered it an honor. And stole a sugar pack ;D  Get over yourself, Thomas.  We certainly have.

Article link.


  1. […] may recall in the early days of this blog (ok, like 2 months ago) I blogged about Tim Thomas blowing off the White House and his team mates in a petulant display of disrespect. Now, I try not […]

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